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Dec 24, 2019

December 24th 2019

**Originally Presented on Youtube on November 19 2019**

Baked and Awake 092

Special Guest Philip Druzhinin

Hello friends, and thanks for watching this special edition of the Baked and Awake Podcast.  Today I am pleased to tell you that I am joined by a very special guest, a gentlemen who is an experienced and well respected investigator into the history of the lost civilization, some call it a lost empire- That of Grand Tartaria.  Listeners of this show have heard Philipp’s name before more than once, as I mentioned him as a major source of information and indeed convincing evidence, in some of my earliest episodes about the mystery of the worldwide Mud Flood events of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Events which we have spent a good deal of time discussing here on Baked and Awake  over the past year now. 


Philipp Druzhinin has been producing informative historical videos on Youtube since 2011, his main channel has over 19 thousand subscribers and is growing every day. Philipp’s catalog of videos is very prolific, with over 400 uploads and nearly 2 million views, and I can’t overstate how informative and insightful his Grand Tartaria research is. The link to Philipp’s channel will of course be in the show description notes for you and I hope everyone listening to this will go, find Philipp’s Youtube channel and not only hit that subscribe button, but indeed, get in there, dig in, and prepare to get your mind blown by what has been hidden from us for so many years now that bringing it to light is a formidable challenge but one that Philipp has faced with resolve and conviction and has inspired many other investigators including yours truly, to begin their own research into Mud Flood and Grand Tartaria. Philipp, welcome to the show, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me at what for me would be a couple hours past my bedtime!  You’re in Moscow Russia right now, correct- that’s 11 hours ahead of me making it after 11pm at the time of this call. 


Philipp Druzhinin Youtube Channel


Mud Flood Advanced Research Youtube Channel 

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