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Mar 27, 2018

Baked and Awake

Thu March 26th 2018

Steve Cominski


Greetings and Cannabis Use Disclaimer (Duh!)


Everything is a Conspiracy, until it’s not


Strain of The Week- XJ-13 Strain (Jack Herer x G13)

From: Smooth Sailing Cannabis, Tacoma WA (My Garden and Employer)


Mar 19, 2018

Baked and Awake Episode 36

Monday March 19th

Bonus Episode


From Doodlebugs to Hayabusas- or "The Agreement" with Jonathan James


My good friend JJ and I session, and chop it up about a long rumored “Conspiracy” of the Sport Bike world.  The Agreement, as it has come to be known, is at the heart of an 18 plus year...

Mar 16, 2018

Baked and Awake

Episode 35

Thursday March 15th



Cannabis Updates- LCB Lifts 24 Hour Quarantine period for sales.

SOTW: Rapper Kush Live Resin

Home Garden Updates- New Greenhouse, Bunny House and Chicken Coop Reset, Bees, Possible Chicken Cam, Bee Cam- Follow @bluebirdfarms

(Airis 8 Nectar Straw!  Greenside Rec

Mar 5, 2018

March 5th 2018

Episode 34

Stephen Cominski

Nate Lopez- Stand up Comic (@inspectanate on IG, Twitter)


Podcast of the Week:  The Color Me Dead Podcast- Hardcore True Crime stories delivered by two hilarious yet thorough Ladies, Angel and Nikki.  NSFW, Not for the easily offended, or those with delicate...

Mar 3, 2018

Episode 33

Saturday March 3rd 2018

Steve Cominski

Nate Lopez


A candid conversation between Your Host and his friend Nate Lopez, Seattle Comic and former Professional Face Smasher.  Nate talks Mixed Martial Arts, Shares a little about his family and childhood, and even manages to drop a short anecdote about that huge...