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Sep 18, 2019

Episode 085

September 17 2019

Welcome to the new Baked and Awake.  Cleaner, Faster and Stronger for 2019 and beyond.  Now with 30% less filler and twice the CBD’s! You can listen to all 84 previous episodes and access detailed show notes for your own research at our permanent internet home, Email me with feedback about this episode or anything else you want at You are listening to episode 85. 

Today’s topic is something known as the Bicameral mind theory, the product of Julian Jaynes, a professor and author of a book entitled The Origin of Consciousness in The Breakdown of The Bicameral Mind.




  • As stated earlier- More conscious people would become leaders, stars, etc- this would not have happened overnight.  Mystery Schools and other centers of knowledge like The Church, etc would have attracted the more conscious people first, for many many years.  Why wouldn’t they have wanted to protect their secrets from a bunch of barely conscious, sociable but stupid uneducated Dinguses? 
  • This theory questions God/The Gods or does it?
  • This reminds me of another theory I recently heard about called Homo Divinus
  • Even if Jaynes and his many adherents are incorrect and the theory untrue, as has been widely claimed- we’re getting to that- couldn’t and don’t indeed scientists and government employ tactics that would seem to exploit this (cybernetics, behaviorism) to their ends? 
  • How do you feel about it does it ring true to you? 
  • Well, almost more fun than learning about the Bicameral mind, was learning more about how an article like the one I just used to source most of this episode, the Jaynes wiki- is built in the first place 

Jaynes Society

The Iliad

The Origin of Consciousness


Norbert Weiner




Homo Divinus (The Homo Divinus Theory was found on Reddit in a post from u/Grampong.  The link above will take you to the thread and subreddit dedicated to discussion of the Homo Divinus Theory.  NOTE: There also exists an older theory of Homo Divinus dating from around 2012 or so that a friend pointed out to me online (Stellium7 Mike) but as of the time of recording I have not established a link nor ruled out an influence from this older source.  I'll follow up in a subsequent episode with my findings and where to go to see that.  

Artificial Earthquake Resources provided by @EinarJS of the Xirtus Tartary discord community. Einar is also a member of my discord realm for Baked and Awake so be sure to thank him if you see him in either place or out and about on YouTube! Visit to download high resolution png’s of Historical accounts of man made earthquake and volcanic eruption technology


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