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May 23, 2021

Tartaria Made the Mainstream news, and it's as bad as I expected it to be. Search results: @Seytonic Channel- Essential viewing for those who wish to avoid being PWND Aliens are real and nobody cares. There’s no link- we all know it. I’m a licensed Amateur Radio Operator now, Technician class. My callsign is KJ7WQK and you’re welcome to look me up. I studied using and it was super good for me. (Not a paid promotion just my personal experience) Ham Radio Study Resources on YT (Amazing channels) @Ham Radio Crash Course @Ham Radio Dude @The Smoking Ape Special Thanks to the following Channels: @Jon Levi Channel @Rebel Without a Pause @Paul Cook @Greg Jay Join the Baked and Awake Discord: My Website: Email me: Official Merch: My Peertube Channel: My LBRY Channel: New 2021 Baked and Awake Podcast Theme Song by DJ Quod with original Viola Composition from Begin Scarseth. Follow @thefamilyquod on Instagram to hear more Additional Ambient Music generously provided by Antti Luode (, Additional Music Provided with permission by Northwest Grab aka I'm a Wikipedia Editor! (and you can be, too) DON’T CLICK THIS LINK: