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Feb 13, 2019

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  • First up, I have been delighted to begin receiving Great Emails including this one from. Oh let’s just call her “Heidi” since I don’t have express permission to share her real name.  “I listened to The Mud Flood Deception and Grand Tartaria episode and I found it interesting.  One thing that jumped out at me. You said something about underground cities. You mentioned Syracuse, NY.  I have only heard of a subway in Syracuse once in vague terms and nothing else.( I heard tell of a fancy restroom in Syracuse that was part of an underground rail system).  I was born in Syracuse, 58 years ago, and grew up in Cicero. (10 miles north of downtown) I went to college out of town, moved back to Cicero. I bought a house in Syracuse 20 years ago.  So I know Syracuse. Do you have references for a Syracuse subway? I found references to a railroad and they had snowplows. Also there was the underground railroad. (a way to get slaves to freedom before the civil war). Any info you could give me would be appreciated. Thanks, H.

  • Youtube Commenter also mentioned I should look into “Star Towers” and I plan to do so!  I think there’s a good chance he’s talking about towers not unlike the famous Water Towers on Long Island NY near the beaches there (Jones Beach, Lido Beach, Montauk, Fire Island may all be great places to try to examine for hints of Star Fortyness.  STay tuned..
  • Youtube Channel subs are going up, 182 as of this episode! Engagement there is welcome, and I am producing content for Youtube Specifically! This week I even released a companion video to this episode, exclusively on Youtube.  
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  • Maps and documents from the US National Archives- we will read part or all of two or three very fascinating personal letters from people whom many of us would tend to refer to as “founding fathers”, giving insight into whether they themselves thought they had an accurate account of the history of the world, as well as in another case, a clear explanation of how informal back channels between connected individuals, may change the shape of the world.  


Archives Document excerpts, and links (All references to Tartaria or Tartary)

  • Full letter From JA more or less glibly explaining “How the World really works” to the Boston Patriot
  • “In the 16th volume of the Bee now printing will be found a very valuable dissertation on the different varieties of sheep he found in the Great Tartary. and other parts of the Russian dominions he had visited, accompanied with plates done from drawings furnished by him—This dissertation gives a more perfect view of the natural history of this useful animal than I have met with in any other publication.” -To George Washington from James Anderson (of Scotland), 15 August 1793
  • I PROCEED now to trace the real characters of the proposed executive as they are marked out in the plan of the Convention. This will serve to place in a strong light the unfairness of the representations which have been made in regard to it. The first thing which strikes our attention is that the executive authority, with few exceptions, is to be vested in a single magistrate. This will scarcely however be considered as a point upon which any comparison can be grounded; for if in this particular there be a resemblance to the King of Great-Britain, there is not less a resemblance to the Grand Signior, to the Khan of Tartary, to the man of the seven mountains, or to the Governor of New-York. -The Federalist No. 691 [New York, March 14, 1788] To the People of the State of New-York.
  • Priestley ought to have told Us, that Pythagoras passed twenty Years, in his Travels in India, in Egypt, in Chaldea, perhaps in Sodom and Gomorrah, Tyre and Sydon. He ought to have told Us that in India he conversed with the Brakmans and read the Shasta, 5000 years old, written in the Language of the Sacred Sanscrists with the elegance and Sentiments of Plato. Where is to be found Theology more orthodox or Phylosophy more profound than in the Introduction to the Shasta? “God is one, creator of all, Universal Sphere, without beginning, without End. God governs all the Creation by a general Providence, resulting from his eternal designs.—Search not the Essence and the nature of the Eternal, who is one; your research will be vain and presumptuous. It is enough that, day by day, and night by night, you adore his Power, his Wisdom and his Goodness, in his Works The Eternal willed, in the fullness of time, to communicate of his Essence and of his Splendor, to Beings capable of perceiving it. They as yet existed not. The Eternal willed, and they were. He created Birma, Vitsnow, and Sib.” These Doctrines, Sublime if ever there were any Sublime, Pythagoras learned in India and taught them to Zaleucus and his other disciples. He there learned also his Metempsychosis, but this never was popular, never made much progress in Greece or Italy, or any other Country besides India and Tartary, the Region of the Grand immortal Lama: And how does this differ, from the Possessions of Demons in Greece and Rome, from the Demon of Socrates from the Worship of Cows and Crocodiles in Egypt and elsewhere. After migrating through various Animals from Elephants to Serpents according to their behaviour, Souls that at last behaved well became Men and Women, and then if they were good, they went to Heaven. All ended in Heaven if they became virtuous. - Christmas letter John Adams to Thomas Jefferson, 25 December 1813
  • “I am led from an examination of the Tartary genseng, which still sells for nearly its weight in gold, to conclude that this country produces two species of genseng, one of them nearly of equal quality to the Tartary genseng, provided proper pains was taken to gather it in due season, and care taken in properly drying it. But this I think cannot take place at present, as the trade is on the decline…” -To Alexander Hamilton from Thomas Randall, 14 August 1791
  • “I said Mr. Oswald’s Attestation was sufficient, as he had already shewn me his original. He sat down and we fell into conversation about the weather, and the vapours and exhalations from Tartary, which had been brought here last spring by the winds, and given us all the influenza. Thence to French fashions, and the punctuality with which they insist upon people’s wearing thier clothes in spring and fall, tho’ the weather is ever so cold, &c. I said it was often carried to ridiculous lengths; but that it was at bottom an admirable policy, as it rendered all Europe tributary to the city of Paris, for its Manufactures.” -From John Adams to Boston Patriot, 27 June 1811
  • “The Seperation of America from Asia is between the 60th. and 70th. degree of North Latitude, precisely at the Arctick polar Circle. It is called in the French Maps Detroit du Nord. The northern Streight or Streight of the North. It is near the Archipel du Nord or northern Archipelago. The Point of Land in Asia is under the Dominion of Russia, and is called Russian Tartary. The Streight forms the Communication between the Eastern and the frozen Oceans, the Mer Orientale and the Mer Glaciale. There is a Number of Islands in the Archipelago, and one in the Streight itself called on the Map, Alaschka Island. There is a Sea and a Promontory called Kamskatska situated on the Eastern Ocean within 10 or 12 degrees of the Streight. The 3 Tartarys, Independent Tartary, Chinese Tartary and Russian Tartary form a vast Country, extending from Persia, Indostan and China, to the Point of Asia at the Streights of the North, which divide Asia from America.” -1783. June 19. Thursday. Fete Dieu [from the Diary of John Adams]
  • “The Project, of conquering the Provinces of Albany, Romelia, Valachia, Moldavia & little Tartary from the Turks, & dividing them between the two Empires, may be more probable—3 But the Turks in Asia & Europe together are very powerful, and, if thoroughly awakened, might make a great resistance..” -From John Adams to Robert R. Livingston, 14 July 1783
  • “Robertson evidently regards the descent of the Greenlanders from a Norwegian Colony of the 9th. Centy as possible, and either that Colony or a prior one as the most probable origin first of them & then of the Esquemaux. Krantz whom he quotes, & who merits the praises you give him states I observe the fact of a Norwegian Colony in the 9th. Century, and in another place observes that there was no evidence that Greenland had Inhabitants of any sort, when first visited by the Norwegians. But he considers it most probable that the present Greenlanders are derived from the Esquemaux, & that the latter came from Nortn. Tartary; entering the Amn. Continent on the N. West Coast, and spreading eastwards over the Northn. region in which they are now found. This opinion is at least more rational than that of Robertson, as is shewn by your striking Contrast of the Greenlanders with the Norwegians. Is it not possible that the Greenlanders & Esquemaux may like many other people have a compound origin, made up of Samoyedes the nearest of the Northern Tartars, of Laplanders who were driven according to some accts. from the Coast of Norway, by their Gothic Successors; and of Colonies from these last, facilitated by the interjacent Island of Iceland. From these different sources they may have obtained, their Tartar features—their Lapland Stature, and their approach towards Gothic or Teutonic Complexions…” -From James Madison to Benjamin Henry Latrobe, 24 July 1818
  • “The Lama of Tartary has taken up his residence in England we have all the expense of Monarchy without the splendor…” -To John Adams from Thomas Brand Hollis, 6 June 1789
  • “In your Letter to Nolan I think you hinted that Horses are found no where in a wild state but in America, I some time ago by accident stumbled on a Work entitled Voyages aux Peuples Samsœides in which mention is made of some found Wild in Siberia or in Tartary, they are represented as small, exceedingly fleet, & hard to catch living on the borders of the Settlements & of great injury to the Inhabitants by the destruction of their Crops, I paid no attention to the thing at that time but if the Book falls again in my Way I shall forward it to you, as it may contain other particulars on the same subject which I do not recollect, the title may however be sufficient for you to procure it” -To Thomas Jefferson from Daniel Clark, 12 November 1799
  • “I said Mr. Oswalds Attestation was sufficient as he had already shewn me his original. He sat down and We fell into Conversation, about the Weather and the Vapours and Exhalations from Tartary which had been brought here last Spring by the Winds and given Us all the Influenza. Thence to french Fashions and the Punctuality with which they insist upon Peoples wearing thin Cloaths in Spring and fall, tho the Weather is ever so cold, &c. I said it was often carried to ridiculous Lengths, but that it was at Bottom an admirable Policy, as it rendered all Europe tributary to the City of Paris, for its Manufactures…” -1782 November 11, Monday [from the Diary of John Adams]
  • ““It is most likely, descended from People bred towards the Tropick of Cancer, for they retain the memory of some starrs on that part of the celestial globe; as the North Starr, which they call Maske, which in their language Signifies, a Bear.” “They divide the Winds into Eight parts” “have had some litterature among them, which time hath cancelled” But what traces of it, he perceived, Mr Morton, further saith not. He then reprobates the conjecture, that they came from Tartary over the frozen sea.” -From John Adams to Thomas Jefferson, 26 January 1813
  • “We have the Pleasure of acquainting the World, that the famous Chinese or Tartarian Plant, called Gin seng, is now discovered in this Province, near Sasquehannah: From whence several whole Plants with a Quantity of the Root, have been lately sent to Town, and it appears to agree most exactly with the Description given of it in Chambers’s Dictionary, and Pere du Halde’s Account of China. The Virtues ascrib’d to this Plant are wonderful”. Extracts from The Gazette 1738
  • Tartarian History book I found referenced in the Archives, looks like the UW Library has what sounds like a scan or microfiche of some kind of the book.  I have emailed UW to see if they make it viewable to members of the public. “Zengis a Tartarian History—1 vol. [Mlle. de La Roche Guilhem. Zingis: a Tartarian history. London, 1692.]”


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