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May 22, 2018

Baked and Awake

Episode 43

May 21, 2018


Today on Baked and Awake


  • Garden Update- Pests still with us root aphid or fungus gnat? We’re treating for both!  We built the Harbor freight 6x8 Greenhouse and it’s awesome! The plan for this is to use it in the fall and spring to extend and begin the season in a better place. We continue to learn about living soil, beneficial microbes and nematodes, as well as how to apply neem seed meal and epsom salt in the garden.  We are also learning about Companion Planting and Cover crops for nitrogen fixing.   Cuttings taken from Lake of Fire last month have rooted, and we are rehabilitating established beds and amending with heavy duty firepower from Local Soil Supplier Carpinito Bros.
  • SOTW: Flubber Strain from Primo Boss Cannabis, Procured at III King’s MJ shop in Beautiful Skyway WA
  • File Under: Social Media Dystopia-


Coming Soon on Baked and Awake

  • Collab with Blake of Noise Pollution Podcast on 5G, GWEN towers, and Chemtrails
  • Return to the Landmark Forum, and it’s connection to NEXIVM, yes, THAT NEXIVM..
  • A look at the Jehova’s Witness “Religion”
  • Pyramid Schemes- Bad Business models, or Cults by another name?


Budsy Promo Spot:

Hey everyone, before you hit play on your next episode of the show, I wanted to tell you about an app I just downloaded called Budsy. Budsy is a cannabis tech company focused on delivering you the high you’re looking for through AI. Download their free app, and learn more at You can also check out their podcast, Toke & Talk- which I just subscribed to, and looks to have some compelling content about Cannabis lifestyles around the world.


Royalty free Music generously provided by Antti Loude as posted to reddit:


Spoiler Country Podcast- Radio call in opening- thanks Ken!


Bones and Tubs Podcast- Podcast Promo- These dudes RULE


On The Edge With Mike Peacock- listen to Mike’s most recent episode!







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