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Nov 20, 2017

Episode 17

Monday November 20th 2017


Opening Remarks

Thanks for reviews, Shoutouts, Suggestions (Dave Chaffey, Ryan Kraus, The Eastern Border

Remember to listen to Supernormal Episode 13, Mixed Race, where I shared my experience as a Mixed Race Adoptee, and now Father of two boys of my own.

Please listen to The Eastern Border Most Recent Episode, “Man of Steel 8- Promotions”, for whom I recorded a short promo spot for Baked and Awake that Kristaps was kind enough to include at the top of the show.

Baked News:

Portland OR rep starts Super PAC to battle anti MJ Lawmakers

Doctor's (Falsely?) Claim MJ 1st Documented Cannabis OD Death?

(Old News Follow Up)

FB Founder Sean Parker on Human Brain Psychology

Was Bitcoin created by a Rogue AI?


I will be attending Podcon Seattle on December 9th and 10th, where I was fortunate to be selected to attend one of the limited seating Creator Chats, where I’ll be seated at a roundtable with a number of other Podcasters and have the opportunity to talk to, and ask questions of the well known Seattle Based KUOW and NPR Journalist and Podcaster, Ashley Ahearn. Ashley hosts a Podcast called Terrestrial, where She talks about regions and sites around the world where people have impacted, changed, indeed permanently altered the Earth in such a way as to beg the question- What now? I’m looking forward to attending Podcon both in order to network and promote my show to fellow creators (some of the most loyal listeners anywhere, IMHO), but more importantly- to learn more about the craft of Podcasting as a layperson who fashions themselves a would be journalist (for lack of a better, more modern term).   


Special Thanks:

To Dave Chaffey from Sunny Australia!  Fellow Podcaster, (Man Brain Comedy Podcast), who has become my very first Patreon Patron, and as such will be receiving a Hand drawn Thank You card in the mail from me in addition to this little thank you on the air. Dave- you’ve made my week my friend, thank you so very much for the support, for listening, and for believing in me as a fellow podcaster. You’re awesome Brother. Friends- please, go check out Dave’s excellent and viciously funny/raw/insightful podcast today. You’ll be glad you did.   

Patreon Pitch:

Speaking of supporting Content Creators, and giving them a voice- PLEASE consider joining Dave in contributing to the show. Your contributions, of any size- go directly to defraying the modest but recurring costs of Web hosting, Podcast RSS Hosting, and research materials or equipment to be used directly in the creation of Episodes. You can stoke me fully by donating a dollar an episode, or a dollar a month- I’m dancing either way and when the dance is through, I’m back to work hard for you.

Your donations also help us stay on mission and on message, that being to foster a new more positive perception of Cannabis Users, while ALSO tackling and de-stigmatizing the discussion of Alternative News and Controversial Conspiracy Theories- commercial free and under no influence other than that of a little Wacky Tabacky.  We do both of these things not because it’s so easy and fun. We- let’s face it- I do this because I think it’s important. Because I think I might be equal to the task I’ve set before myself.  And finally, so that I can look back and know that I at least tried to use all this incredible technological Wizardry at my fingertips every day for something more than FB and Instagram posts, pictures, and memes. I don’t know- something like that.


Next Week:  Real Life Terminator Robots, Artificial Intelligence, and did Cannabis come from space?


For now- Smoke Indica, do shit anyway..