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Oct 13, 2017

Episode 10- WiP

Host: Steve Cominski Co-Host: G.W. Masters


13 October 2017

Welcome once again to Baked and Awake. This is Steve, with a few comments before we jump into this week’s debacle I mean- meticulously crafted episode! We are fortunate right now to have an episode at all, as we embarrassingly found ourselves having recorded with the mic settings once again way off- this time too loud/too much gain. It was bad. We almost had to toss the whole episode out- except for the fact that for the first time ever, we taped in parallel with a portable recorder- a freshly acquired, gently used Tascam DR-05.  Well, I still have a lot of work to do on a number of technical fronts, and I did manage to badly bodge the process of pulling files off the recorder and getting them into appropriate sized chunks to be further moved around in lossless .wav format- nevermind. || It’s boring, it's technical, and it all comes down, if you MUST know, to more of a PEBKAC issue than anything else. Suffice to say however, that I managed to pull some (decent) audio off the Tascam, although the “quality” of the discourse is a bit… shall we say coarse? Look- it was supposed to be a downtemposode, and it was. Without the music. And no real agenda. (But don’t worry- we had weed)! So, you may begin to get an idea of where this went. Anyhoo- I ended up cutting a lot of it due to still not being in love with the audio’s physical qualities, but also due to a general lack of real information being surfaced for the audience.

George and I talked a lot both before and after turning on the recorders that evening- and I wish we had more of it because we “lost” (in the can but sounds atrocious) some great stuff with George talking about his photography and working in public. It’s ok though, because we still have George, and I know we are going to revisit the topic of his art probably more than once or twice in the future on the show.  


In an effort to address the above grievous offenses,  I’m going to attempt to front load us with just a few coherent words before the debauch commences because frankly, it makes me feel better! As always, what follows is an adult show with some light Cannabis use , and this time- more than a bit of potty mouth Steve. Sorry about that, Mom- if you’re listening!


NOTE: Before we jump into Hemp History, I want to take one moment to thank Alex Barbarian from Soundcloud for the chill background soundtrack. Please check Alex out using the provided link in the show notes, and let him know you found him through our community! Alex- you’re the man!

  • First up, Some Hemp History Timeline, starting in the 1940’s




  • HB 1092 seeks to reform WA Cannabis law to allow for home growing of cannabis plants for any adults over 21 years of age
  • Bill is currently in the House, in committee
  • Bill needs to make it on House of Reps calendar, and Pass the Chamber before moving on to the same process (Introduce, Committee, Calendar, Vote) on the Senate floor
  • Once passed in the House and Senate, HB 1092 must still be ratified by the Governor before passing into law  
  • Details and limitations as described in the Bill Digest, below
  • We have subscribed to the email updates for this bill, and listeners here in WA can do the same by following the link to the bill here in the show notes.


  • HB 1092 - DIGEST Allows the possession of no more than six marijuana plants and up to twenty-four ounces of useable marijuana harvested from lawfully grown plants if the person in possession is at least twenty-one years old. Allows the possession of no more than twelve marijuana plants and forty-eight ounces of useable marijuana, in the aggregate, by the adult residents of a single housing unit, regardless of the number of persons who are at least twenty one years old residing in the housing unit


Advocacy for Incarcerated Non Violent Drug Offenders

While we sit here racking up dabs and looking forward to hopefully passing legal home grow here “on the outside”, more Americans sit rotting in prison than ever before, and while things have actually begun to show signs of stabilizing, there’s no clear path to reversing the trend.  I know it’s easy not to think about those people, or to rationalize their circumstances in some way, but I hope that if you’re listening to this show we share a common belief that things like “Three strikes, you’re out”, and “Stop and Frisk’, or how about “Civil Asset Forfeiture” - are a net negative for us as a Nation, as a Culture, and as Civilized Humans. To that end, in recent discussions we have been trying to identify worthy organizations fighting the good fight on this front, that we may support them.

As I said, they look like they are doing a lot of the heavy lifting here on a matter that I personally believe to be of great importance. I’m going to look into ways of supporting The Sentencing Project both personally and through vehicles like this podcast. We’ll also seek to support and publicize other worthy organizations that are fighting the good fight on this or other issues, like widespread legalization of the growing of Industrial Hemp for CBD and/or fuel production.


Smoke Session: Dipped 1G Purple Champagne Preroll- Flower, Keif, and distillate joint. Purchased at: Greenside Recreational, Des Moines WA


Famous NYC Street Fashion Photographer, Bill Cunningham (I was right!) 

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