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Sep 29, 2017

Join my pal George Masters and I as we talk cannabis, and the future of the show. Detailed show notes including links to all companies mentioned AND editorial notes worth checking, also attached to this show as a PDF, or viewable here

Episode 08

Sept 28, 2017

Host: Steve Cominski

Guest: George W. Masters

Hey Everybody,...

Sep 18, 2017

Episode 07

September 17, 2017


This time on Baked and Awake


1. Welcome

2. Kush Marketplace Industry Event and VIP Party

3. Mel's Hole Part Two


NOTE: Show notes are now available as a PDF, attached to this podcast. 

If not attached due to the platform, please follow...

Sep 11, 2017

Episode 06


Hash Plant Strain

Hemp History 1800-1900

Mel's Hole


Note: Detailed notes to be released soon as a PDF please check back!



Sep 2, 2017


Today on Ep 005:

  1. Opening Remarks
  2. Events - King Cannabis Expo, Spokane WA
  3. Strain of The Week OG x Chem Terpene Sauce
  4. Vocab- What does “OG” stand for? 
  5. The Lee Family  “Curse”
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Welcome to the latest installment of The Baked and Awake Show, where we get...