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Apr 20, 2019

Baked and Awake

Episode 74

April 19 2019

Baked and Awake, But Mostly Baked.  The 420 Edition


  • Welcome, Disclaimer- we smoke weed
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Today on Baked and Awake

Apr 11, 2019



Commentary and analysis of the National Cultural Development Under Communism report to the CIA, Dated June of 1957, by Kristaps Andrejsons and Steve Cominski. Episode Commentary Section edited by Anete Germane of The Easter Border. Thank you, Anete!


Guest: Kristaps Andrejsons of The Eastern Border Podcast:  

Apr 10, 2019

A Reading in full of the CIA Report entitled National Cultural Development Under Communism, from the CIA Reading Room.  


The Document that follows is a report to the CIA by an unknown author.  It details Russian Bolshevik and later Communist era stated Government positions on individual nation states regional...