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Nov 29, 2019

Baked and Awake 

November 26th 2019

Episode 89

  1. It’s another Youtube “Come to Jesus” moment- The FTC or Federal Trade Commission, under the auspices of its COPPA law almost 20 years in effect, has finally succeeded in busting YOuTube red handed for violating the law that specifically forbids the collecting and selling of personalized data for users under 13 years old. Is this the end of YouTube as we know it? 
    1. Public Facing Coppa Report:
    2. Powerful and informative video about this by Youtuber and Attorney Ian Corzine
  2. Social Media is broken- will it be fixed, or will it destroy us all in a Social Credit System spiral of death? Facebook “bug” turns on your microphone, WTF is YouTube’s “Masthead”? 
  3. A most underrated survival tool, nevertheless essential. (emergency whistle) Here’s a nice little article about survival whistles and the different kinds that are available. (Honestly, just buy anything, and preferably a few of them.) 
  4. Coming soon: Wilhelm Reich, Orgone Energy, and a new 5th force of the Universe(?).. 

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