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Jan 13, 2019

Baked and Awake

Episode 65

January 10 2019


Introduction and disclaimer- we smoke weed on the show!

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Philipp Druzhinin of Youtube for his on air shoutout in a recent live chat with Richard Lopez- shoutout to Mr Lopez my brother we could be long lost relatives as my birth name before adoption was actually Victor Lopez, born August 26th 1974 in New York, New York. I’m sure he will probably never hear this but nevertheless!


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Shoutout to my IG friend Nekoman aka @Nekoman and @Nekomansucks- Artist, musician, and Meme Lord.  Nekoman is there when a lot of others aren’t liking and sharing my shit out there like a real boss. And he really doesn’t have to because his account is about 4000x bigger than mine and I don’t really know why he likes me.  Another shoutout to another IG friend and web comic world creator.


Shoutout to @shadequeen2019 of the Daddy Issuez Podcast who, Like Nekoman above, had her own account taken down from IG recently! Follow her new account in IG for sexy posts and updates about her excellent show, on which I have been a guest more than once!


Mud Flood Channel on YouTube taken down overnight!

All of which brings me to thoughts like- Freedom is a bubble with thin walls surrounded by knives


Speaking on controversial topics ensures ostracism


I could have created a much more popular podcast by not being controversial


2018 Milestones

  • Published 42 episodes in 2018
  • Exceeded 15K total downloads
  • Topped 100 YouTube Subscribers. Enabled Custom YouTube Url for having over 100 Subscribers (!!) Current YouTube Subscriber community is 139 Members and growing
  • Launched the Baked and Awake News Brief Alexa Skill, with 17 episodes and counting
  • Listened to in over 64 Countries including the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia, Guatemala, Venezuela, Argentina, Ireland, The UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Russia, Latvia, The Ukraine, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Cypress, Macedonia, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and even strong listener ships in Australia and New Zealand. Apologies for not listing every single country but that was like the top 53 and let's face it who knows a couple of those could just be weird VPN footprints but who cares that’s still amazing to me and I’m just so incredibly grateful for everyone who has listened even once, and maybe shared the show with a friend. Please, in 2019, just- everyone who hears this message in a bottle: Please share this podcast with one wonderful weird intelligent and curious friend of yours.  If you can do that for me, I’m sure I’ll feel like I can do anything. Your support means the world to me and podcasters, Vloggers, and other Indy Creators.

Top 5 Most Popular Episodes of 2018

(If you missed any of these, maybe go back and check them out!)

  1. The Surveillance State and YOU 1/21/18
  2. The Mud Flood Deception and Grand Tartaria 12/12/18
  3. The Landmark Forum is Probably Not a Cult  02/01/18
  4. The Landmark Forum Breakdown  02/05/18
  5. AI Generated Fake Porn aka Deepfakes 01/26/18


Top 5 Biggest Cannabis Stories of 2018 according to Steve

  1. California (Jan 1 2018) and Canada(10.17.18) both went legal.  Calling this one event because their impact will be similar. These two were watershed moments for Cannabis, and will directly lead to more historic events in the coming years. We will be watching closely of course. No prediction here except that the impact of their success will be enormous in the very near future.
  2. CBD or cannabidiol- everybody’s favorite cannabinoid, was Legalized Federally under the 2018 Farm Bill aka the Agricultural Act of 2014- Was Passed this year by both the House and Senate in a (cough!) Republican led effort. We’ll leave the commentary on the whys and wherefores for another day- This bill was subsequently signed into law officially just a few days later by President Trump?  Is this bizarro world? Did the Republicans just take credit for legalizing CBD? Wellllll, kinda but not really but of course sure whatever man it’s cool. Crucially, we come to understand that while this federal de scheduling of Cannabis Sativa-L, or Industrial Hemp, that is to say Cannabis plants containing .03 or less percent of THC- allows for the free production of CBD based products for sale in US markets, and allows for interstate commerce of SAME, this does not for example, legalize the Growing (what we often refer to as “production” in the biz) freely by whomever, wherever, and absolutely not individuals. Only Licensed Farmers who are participating in state run programs that are in turn federally compliant can participate in INdustrial Hemp production.  So, sadly, this means that as yet you are not allowed to just start growing your own hemp CBD plants alongside your windowsill strawberry patch just yet. I say just yet, but really I’m not sure we need every Tom, Dick, and Sally up and down the block growing bigo’ Hemp Plantz and spreading pollen all over the neighborhood- might ruin someone’s hard preserved Sensimilla!
  3. Cannabis Stocks explode on to the NYSE, Bubble talk rampant, but didn’t seem to slow investment in Firms like Canopy Growth, Tilray, and others.  Then there was the Aurora/Cannamed debacle that resulted in a so called hostile acquisition of the latter company. Things in the consolidation and upward transfer of power from Small regional players to National and international scale consortiums is underway.  Look for 2019 to feature many more such stories as the Aurora Cannabis drama, and bigger.
  4. FDA Approves Epidiolex for use in USA, a treatment for two severe types of epilepsy Dravet Syndrome and Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, both of which seem to target young children and can be responsible for dozens of painful, terrifying, and eventually brain damaging seizures per day.  The strawberry flavored syrup differs little from many currently available over the counter so to speak offerings- with basically a highly concentrated dose of “very clean” CBD being delivered in the sweet solution. The case for products like Epidiolex of course is more rigorous production purity requirements, quality control, etc would be presumably in place for an FDA approved product.  What does this mean for all the Mom and Pop CDB oil producers out there though? Can they now claim more specifically that CBD treats these two horrible syndromes? NOPE. (And they probably shouldn’t- although I wouldn’t say don’t try using the stuff if you think it might help!) Only Epidiolex has been shown in lab testing to be effective, and even then it’s only being approved to be used in combination with “other treatments”.  In typical Pharmaceutical fashion, we see there are also listed side effects including Headache, nausea, Vomiting, and upset stomach, so I’m not sure what to attribute that to as I don’t usually associate the use of any CBD oils with those bummer symptoms. The prediction here is that the approval of this product will foreshadow some future effort to besmirch or disrupt the existing cottage industry, usurping the Apothecary’s claim to Hemp and CBD products and bringing them into the Glaxxo Smithkline/Lever Corp/Bayer-Monsanto Johnson & Johnson purview exclusively.  If I’m not a complete idiot, we’ll all be brushing our teeth with CBD fortified Crest before too long. Of course they’ll push it out to the Yuppies first by making a Tom’s of Maine version. But I digress!
  5. H.R. 420 announced, a national “Regulate Cannabis like Alcohol” Bill is proposed by Oregon Democrat Earl Blumenauer. This would, if passed, permanently de-schedule Cannabis as a controlled substance under Federal Law. This would pave the way for inter state sales and transportation of cannabis between legal markets, even through States or territories that have not yet legalized Marijuana, although it does of course expressly forbid the product from being transported INTO non legal states. So, yeah- I do think they thought about how to make it possible to ship the stuff, as it will be impossible or a lot harder anyway, to literally drive around a state that isn’t having it. Prediction:  This, along with the CARERS act, or Compassionate Access, Research Expansion and Respect States- also currently on the floor of The House- will pass, along with other key standalone pieces of legislation, and these together will herald the end of the federal prohibition against Cannabis, opening up the possibility for traditional banking institutions and investment bankers, and the Corporations they empower- to come along and literally transform and not for the better- the entire face of what we have been knowing up to this point as, “The Industry”. I am being pointedly ominous here, because I see a looming apocalypse for cottage industry level growers, processors, and “Brands” that is absolutely a foregone conclusion for 99 percent of everyone who thinks they are a player right now.


Podcast Goals for 2019

  1. Continue to put out consistent content and always raise the bar for personal integrity and quality of work. We won’t rush it, or force them, but we will keep them coming.
  2. Decrease my FB presence to the barest minimum with an eye to leaving completely, maybe in 2019. Part personal goal to be sure, but it has to happen. You know the reasons as well as I
  3. Increase my YouTube Presence to 1000 Subscribers/Hit 50K Downloads across all platforms
  4. Increase engagement with the Baked and Awake website and mailing list, getting 100 subscribers
  5. Send out 4 Newsletters in 2019 to the members of my newly powered up mailing list.  It won’t be full of sales pitches, sponsored messages, or other bullshit spam. Just follow up info from episodes, bonus materials from the best of the last couple months of research, calls to action to help me decide topics, things like that. We’ll have the domain and the mailing list when all the socials crumble under the weight of their own corruption.


This concludes Episode 65!  How fun it was to look back on the year, and see how momentous it really was for cannabis in 2018.  These of course weren’t the only stories of note in that realm, there were many many more but we don’t need to recap them all here and now. I hope you found one or two of my predictions to be interesting, we’ll see how accurate they are in the coming months for sure.  

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