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Dec 5, 2018

Baked and Awake

Episode 062

03 December 2018




Welcome once again to my weekly, self directed psychotherapy session, the Baked and Awake podcast. Today is December 3rd 2018, and this is our 62nd episode of the show.  (Thanks, Disclaimer about pot and where new listeners can find me on DGN, email, etc). Some of my more savvy podcast listeners may have taken note today of an announcement that preceded the show itself- that being a robotic voice informing you that Baked and Awake is now a proud member of the Dark Myths Collective. Please note that this in no way affects our affiliation with our friends and co creators at the Damaged Goods Network! Baked and Awake will continue to support and collaborate with talented friends from Damaged Goods the Show, Daddy Issuez, Needless To Say, and Claytime in the Basement.  


Fortunately for Yours truly, my family at DGN supports what I/We do here at Baked and Awake unconditionally, and welcomes the added cache and potential collaborative horsepower that becoming involved with a small but industrious family of high test Creators like the people at  


From before I ever pressed record on the first episode of this show, I was listening to several podcasts from the Dark Myths Collective.  I found Dark Myths after about a year of podcast listening, having cut my teeth on Rogan, Carlin, Serial, and a number of other more or less mainstream podcasts. As I listened to more and more shows, and branched out, I found that there existed an entire realm of Independently produced shows that featured compelling voices weaving rich tales, and asking penetrating questions of the sort that I live for.  Here and there, and with increasing frequency- I heard a catchy intro voice. Sometimes robotic, sometimes in faintly sultry feminine tones, that “this podcast is part of the Dark Myths Collective…” and finishing with the somehow inviting, “the darkness awaits”.. Well, I can tell you, I was hooked. From absolute staples of my listening rotation such as The Eastern Border, History on Fire, The Conspirators, and The Secret Transmission Podcast- none of whom I can go without listening to every new episode of the moment they come out- to amazing newer shows like Martyr Made, a history podcast in the finest tradition of Hardcore History.  Speaking of History, there is the extremely well done History of Pirates Podcast, The Chilling and addictive Southern Grimoire, the amazing Strange Matters Podcast, and more. Honestly- I’m barely scratching the surface of a group that is diverse, uniformly excellent, and to a one- “touched by darkness”.


As such, it was my distinct honor to find a favorable response from my closest (indeed ONLY) inside man over at Dark Myths when I recently screwed up my courage to inquire as to how to apply for membership.  Fellow Podcast Builder Kristaps Andrejsons- host of the Extremely High Quality show The Eastern Border (Very entertaining Cold War History from the perspective of an Eastern European Historian), long time member of the Collective, very generously “sponsored” me, facilitating a swift introduction, and ultimately induction to the collective in just a matter of days. As you can probably tell from the time we are spending on this here, and my voice- I was stoked to say the least.  “But, what’s it all mean, Steve? You selling out already? You’re not even popular!”


Easy now! That last shot was a little below the belt don’t you think? We have hundreds, thousands of downloads even!  


  • Here I’ll switch to a listicle format to shorten up my notes, and multiply the number of “Umms” and “ahhh’s” I’ll have to edit out later.  Great fun, that part let me tellya.
  • So- no I’m not selling out.  I own my work and we, together decide the direction that the show will take. DGN and DMC respectively are here to support me/us in our mission, as I in turn support them in the shared goals of growing, through meaningful collaborations both on the mic and behind the scenes.
  • What can you expect?  Also known as “how many “commercials” are you going to have now, Steve?  Ummmm, first, they’re not commercials. Promos for other shows, yes- of course.  That’s how we discover new podcasts, right? I mean, what kind of psychopath actually uses the search function in their fave podcast app for anything other than inputting the name of a podcast someone, somewhere- told you to listen to? That’s what I thought. So, yes- more of that and probably frequently- they will be members of DGN, DMC, and let’s not forget all my friends in the PBL, or Podcast Builders League (Find us on Facebook and Twitter!)
  • As our little Podcast Cabal grows and forms, like Voltron- into a force to be recokoned with, I find myself ever critical of my podcast.  From its overall sound (background buzz, anyone?), to the length of shows, to the depth of research that we do- I’m looking to up the quality across the board.  
  • To that end, I’ll soon be transitioning from a usb Mixer to a Digital Audio Interface, and I hope that I can finally tune out some of the very annoying to me, so I’m sure it must be bothersome to YOU- buzz that I have the hardest time getting away from now, and that causes me to be forced at times to add even more compression or other editing wizardry to the shows than I want to. That, or be forced to constantly mask persistent background noise with music- and as much as I love having the music of our talented friend Antti Luode, (Listen to him on Spotify today!), I sometimes would just as soon sit here quietly and talk with you with nothing between us but the air..
  • So, that’s most of the personal updates I can think of for now.  Josh Kinkaid is busy pulling in Cannabis Industry field reports for us as we speak here in the local area, and will be venturing into the Great White North next week for a Canadian Event that looks really interesting as well, so we have that to look forward to very soon. I’m going to give you all a bit of a mini episode here today, in the form of an introduction to my new Alexa Skill- The Baked and Awake News Brief
  • However- Before I leave you, let me assure you that the next few episodes of this podcast will be light on Cannabis news and H E A V Y on weirdness.  Uhhhhhh, how do I give you a taste or a hint without ruining your dinner? How about start with checking out the New Earth channel on Youtube. Just watch any of their videos.  Take a deep breath though and get used to the thick accents. Pretend this is your beloved, long lost relative, and that this is a message from them of utmost importance. I find that helps a little.  You can also speed them up to maybe 1.25x speed, and it actually sounds a little more natural, imo. Other Youtube searches and the resultant docs that have had my head in a twist, to say the least: Great Tartaria, The Mud Flood, Soft Rocks/Living Rocks, and Star Forts…  This is Electric Universe, Purple Dawn level type stuff here guys, at least to me. I don’t know what to think of it all yet, but I can’t get enough of it, it all connects, and we have more than enough to talk about here to go for literally MONTHS- so yeah. Bear with me, hit me up on Instagram, @baked_and_awake, email me at, and visit my own website for notes on this show and to easily also access all the News Briefs and their respective notes as well.  
  • To my patreon Supporters: As always thank you and I DID see that message from you, Derek.  To answer your question, you’re right- it’s setup to pay me/charge you only when I make a Patron only post, and yes, I’ve yet to do that.  You CAN indeed support me directly actually, and cut out the patreon middle men- by visiting and smashing that donate button on Paypal anytime.  I think you can specify friends and family, and we save the fees there too. Thanks for messaging me about that, DK, I appreciate you and all my backers so so much, it’s hard to even tell you really. Humbling.
  • Anyhow, today’s short, sweet, Baked and Awake News Brief is built from the ground up for a voice first experience and designed to be enabled on your Alexa Powered Haunted Speakers of all shapes and Sizes.  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will bring you a concise (Sub 5 minute) report summarizing some interesting Cannabis or “Conspiracy/Wokeland” fact or story, powered mostly by a variety of Google Alerts, and my daily scouring of the less respectable nooks and crannies of the web. What’s that I hear you muttering as I talk? Alexa this alexa that- Oh... You have one of the other, like 1% of so called Smart Speakers out there?  Well- great. Good for you. Just search for the Baked and Awake News Brief like you would any other podcast (Because surprise- underneath it all it’s just another rss feed!) and you can listen to it on your Googly Home, or your Nest Hub, or your internet connected dishwasher- I’m not here to tell you how to get it- just get it!
  • After you’ve listened to the News Brief, do me a favor and enable it on the nearest smart speaker to you, whether that’s in the office, your friend’s house, or on the kiosk models down at the Mall- it won’t play unless you ask it to, and the subscription stays active forever unless someone goes in and disables it.  Thanks for the help, my Street Team!
  • OK I hope you enjoy your taste of the News Brief, and really, be looking forward to our upcoming deep dive into that weirdest new area of the conspiracy web I have found in maybe- ever!



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