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Nov 14, 2018

Baked and Awake Show

Episode 60

November 13 2018

Steve Cominski


  • Disclaimer: The podcast isn’t very explicit but we do smoke weed on the show, so please keep this in mind if listening around young people or in mixed company or professional settings. Or, dont, ya big ol’ Rebel.
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  • Unpopular Opinion: Cannabis doesn't cure cancer -Mike Adams, High Times, Bro Bible, and Forbes.
  • What the heck is Push Polling?  We have all heard of political attack ads. These we are very familiar with, regardless of whether you’re of voting age or not- if you still get broadcast television in your home of any sort you will have, sometime during an election cycle like the recent Mid Terms here in the USA, seen some of those.  Radio is another medium where political ads are a big tool for campaigns to shape the opinion and sway the votes of the public. Print is no exception to this by any means and many a full page ad has been taken out in newspapers at the local, state, and even national level over the years to try to affect the outcomes of elections for offices seemingly trivial, on up to the most lofty positions of Governors, Senators, and Presidents.  Then there is Astroturfing, where organizations thought to be self organized, grassroots movements turn out to be either secretly or not so secretly supported financially by “Evil Billionaires bent of running the world”- but that’s a story for another day, and besides a lot of other podcasts cover that all the time. Well, either I had forgotten about this one, or somehow had missed the term itself when this kind of political maneuvering was going on that I somehow hadn’t been tracking on something called “push polling”.  It’s kind of like how it sounds- Someone calls you on the phone, and this may be why right here that I haven’t been watching this space. It’s hard to get me on the phone if you’re some random number, especially if my caller ID thinks you’re a telemarketer or political call, and so I haven’t been caught by a political robo call in years. Now, these Push polls pre date robo callers and automated voice systems that can ask you questions and tell you to use the keypad or your voice to reply, so this isn’t that new, as you’ll come to see. Anyway- you receive a call, and it’s a person, live or sometimes just a voice, and this person or voice wants to ask a few questions.  OK, they’ve got you now, you say- go ahead. Well, as you’ll hear in the following clip, the “questions” you are about to hear may just be more about you hearing and thinking about them, than any answer that you actually give in response to the questions. Crucial things to understand about push polling are that the answers respondents provide are of secondary or even tertiary importance to simply getting a person to sit through what amounts to a truculent “message in a survey suit”. Answers, when given are generally irrelevant, as the poll was designed to implant ideas, not gather information for some public institution. I found this really well written wikipedia article with lots of examples in it all about the subject, let’s have a look at some of the highlights, shall we? (Link) File under: Manufacturing Consent
  • Mysterious purple glow lights up Eastern WA night skies


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