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Jun 25, 2019


  1. Welcome, Disclaimer- we smoke Weed!
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  3. A reading from The Voyage of The Spaceship Beagle, by Garrett Hardin, author of “The Tragedy of The Commons”, which posits that “The Pee-pull” are not capable of stewarding their own shared resources sustainably, and therefore must of necessity be led by an elite class of forward thinking leaders of Industry and Governance, elected or not. 
  4. A Conclusive refutation of the philosophies of Hardin’s thought experiment (indeed that is all that “Tragedy” was) was awarded the Nobel Memorial Medal in Economics to Elinor Ostrom in 2009 for proving through over a decade’s worth of research and empirical data that communites can and indeed DO successfully manage crucial shared resources through elective communication, the creation of best practices and rules for accessing shared resources, and by providing mitigation in the form of sharing of the surpluses of production between members of local communities and at the inter community (trade) level. 
  5. The 420 Bill hit’s Washington DC’s Halls of Legislature- High Times story:
  6. Bartleby was a Tartarian: Change my mind


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