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Jun 3, 2019

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  • Thanks to Calypso CBD Use Discount Code BAKEDANDAWAKE at checkout for 30% off your first order of high quality CBD products of all kinds.  Visit today to check out their offerings. Let me know what your experience was like because I love hearing about it!  Thanks are also owed to my friend from the Tartary Xirtus Discord Community, Stellium 7.  Stellium makes some really thought provoking videos to say the least and publishes them to YouTube, and he is the person who put me on to the Norb Theory and for that we all owe him our gratitude. At least I do, and I think once you hear a little bit about this model of the universe, you’ll agree that its one worth pondering as I have found it to be. But also by all means go with wide open mind and imagination and watch Stellium 7’s 4 part series called Unveiling a Titan, where he makes an incredibly compelling case for gigantic, no- titanic life forms not only having lived on earth once, but having left behind their bodies to be seen in, and eventually become part of the earth itself.

The Norb Theory

**Note: This is my heads up to everyone listening, but especially to members of the audience who are people of color other than white. One or two of the terms we will be using today may be surprising to hear at first, and seem to indicate a wrong turn on my part into territory verging on being racist in tone in some fashion.  The words I refer to are tow names for so called “Root Races” of humanity- The Polarians, and the Aryans. It’s weird how strange and anxiety inducing it is to spell those words out myself and prepare to go in on explaining the context in which the words are being used and how somehow that isn’t secretly some way for me to work as an apologist for a dark and nefarious White Supremacist Agenda. The last words all capitalized as a way of driving the point home to myself.  I mean, heck- we’re gonna find out one way or the other before we’re through, but I really hope you all give me the benefit of the doubt knowing I was up front with you about it, so we can work through the material together. Let’s remember first off that the word itself, Aryan- as opposed to the simply sort of weird “Polarian” that I’m only encountering now in the Norb Theory for the first time- that Aryan as a designation for humans, as even Wikipedia notes, was, and I’ll go ahead and quote “"Aryan" (/ˈɛəriən/)[1] has as its root a term that was used as a self-designation by Indo-Iranian people.[note 1] The term was used by the Indic people of the Vedic period in India as an ethnic label for themselves and to refer to the noble class as well as the geographic region known as Āryāvarta, where Indo-Aryan culture is based.[2][3] The closely related Iranian people also used the term as an ethnic label for themselves in the Avesta scriptures, and the word forms the etymological source of the country name Iran.[4][5][6][7] It was believed in the 19th century that Aryan was also a self-designation used by all Proto-Indo-Europeans, a theory that has now been abandoned.[8] Scholars point out that, even in ancient times, the idea of being an "Aryan" was religious, cultural and linguistic, not racial.[9][10][11] So, all that out of the way, we can try to begin to unpack the monster that is the Norb Theory!  Themes you’ll perhaps see shades of ahead in the cosmogony about to be presented include, but are not limited to, as mentioned elsewhere, The Globe Earth and Big Bang, something very much like the Flat Earth model, A version of a Hollow Earth, The Notion of a Cosmic Egg, and that egg being one of countless numbers of eggs coexisting at the same time- a Multiverse model if you will. There’s parts of this that call to mind lots of things I’ve watched from the Thunderbolts Project and Electric Universe folks. See my episodes about The Ganymede Hypothesis and The Purple Dawn Theory to hear a lot more about them by the way. You may even pick up a matrix vibe, or as the Ancients Meso Americans called it- The Maya or “Illusion” that is this material existence. Transient, ephemeral, and perhaps to be experienced over and over again until some form of enlightenment or ascendance is achieved, thus freeing the soul from it’s labors in the material realm. All this and I’m sure more will hint at its inclusion in the model we are about to explore.   

Norb’s Theory, as I understand it today, having the existing context I do from many years of reading and studying, at a casual but somewhat consistent pace- all sorts of mythologies and fringe theories

  1. Brings together the Globe Earth, Flat Earth, Hollow Earth, and both the Big Bang and Cosmic Egg models into one somewhat agreeable framework.
  2. Uses ancient myths and scriptures to make the connections between all of Earth’s existing cultures, and the epochs of human civilization that came before, as detailed over and over again in different oral and written traditions.
  3. Explains better than any other source I have encountered, who and what the so called “Root Races” are, and therefore who we are within that family tree. For a great primer on the Root Race Theory, See Spirit Science Channel on YouTube and start with this video:
  4. The core tenet of the model rests upon a literal point.  The so named Zero point axis, located crossing the earth’s poles, is the origin of all material existence and can be likened to a droplet of water or better, a bubble that instantiates at the zero point, expands, and periodically “bursts”, allowing for a new pulse to grow from the zero point, and slowly displacing the former waveform, or realm, to the outer perimeter. Think of a pebble being dropped from a modest height straight into still waters, like from a footbridge into a pond. We’ve all seen and enjoyed watching the ripples form and emanate out from the (zero) point of impact
  5. In this model, the terms extra terrestrial, and outer space refer not to far flung regions of the interstellar void. Rather, they imply peoples and lands that exist beyond the edges of our current, Atlantean (We’ll get to that) realm. This edge of our realm is currently encountered by traveling to Antarctica, and would look a lot like the Flat Earth model’s “Ice Wall” at the base of the domed firmament. (See a US Government Antarctic expedition named Operation fishbowl for seeming corroboration of the existence of an impenetrable dome).  
  6. The model posits that there have been four full time ripples, or epochs including this one, each lasting 24,000 years, each of which also had its own realm and root race starting with the Polarians, at the Zero Point Axis. Think of the Polarians as the Master Human Race, and it would seem, where our souls originate. They continue to exist and emanate the subsequent races from their MIND, throughout all our Epochs, though they are more or less cut off from us and not detectable or able to be communicated with. The Polarians first era was one of pure consciousness, with no earth to speak of or at least not the land masses we know of today. These mostly ethereal, or astral beings remain at the center and are the source code or originators of each of the Human Root Races, beginning with the Hyperboreans (Epoch/Wave 2), followed by the Lemurians(Wave 3), and then our Human Root Race, the Atlanteans(Wave 4), who have been recently displaced by the so called (Wave 5)“Aryans” (Try hard not to get hung up on this term as it really, truly applies to beings of multiple hues and races, not just Jack Booted thugs from Germany)


  • During the transition between ripples/epochs, the then currently preeminent race and realm experience cataclysms of varying sorts. Invariably there is great loss of life, followed by a long and laborious rebuilding period during which Mankind is forced to go through a new Stone Age, then continuing on through Iron, Bronze, Silver, and Golden Ages of development with the Golden Age being something resembling the height of the late 18th and 19th Centuries, especially in so called Western Cultures.  That’s right, our own beloved, industrial and technologically driven 20th and 21st Centuries probably represent post peak human development in a number of key aspects, but crucially also when viewed through the lens of the cosmic, 24,000 year epoch calendar and cycle.


It was in Poor Richard’s Almanac that Ben Franklin wrote about astrology, saying: “Oh the wonderful knowledge to be found in the stars. Even the smallest things are written there…if you had but skill to read.”


Donald Reagan, formerly Ronald Reagan’s Chief of Staff said: “It’s common knowledge that a large percentage of Wall Street brokers use astrology.”

Physicist Albert Einstein said : “Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things and I am greatly indebted to it.”



Infographics and frames: Reverse engineering the globe. EDIT: I'm getting asked a lot if people can re-upload this and or translate it to their language. The answer is YES - please do - all I ask is that you do not monetize it, do not name it the OFFICIAL video in your title, state that it's MIRRORED with a link back to the original. It has already been translated to Russian, and Spanish is coming up next. Feel free to do the short version of this as well as that is aimed more at the crowd that likes small byte sized content bits vs the 36min version. Thanks for watching! Here's the soundtrack :: Here's the SHORT version :: - - - - - Here are some other cool related videos - - - - - FlatEarth Universe Martin Kenny :: The History Of Humans/Our Times: Frequency / Cymatics / Bio-Sonoluminescence ^ This is beautiful - greatly goes into the sine wave/sonar Confessions Of A Music Industry Insider ^ This is how music really influences masses History Of Flat Earth :: Eric Dubay Under The Dome :: 200 Proofs Earth Is Flat :: It all starts with Magnetism :: ------------------------------------------ Quick Search :: ------------------------------------------ Hi, thanks again for taking time out to watch this. I know, it's abstract, and is meant as a thought exercise vs a definitive belief (hence 'theory'). First time I heard the term 'flat earth' or 'geocentric vs heliocentric earth', I thought 'hmmmm kinda crazy but it wouldn't surprise me'. The ancient Greek, Hebrew, Norse, Hindu and other cosmology all use the ORB theory. A lot of the theories mix well with 'some' parts of modern science, and 'some' parts of major religions. I tried to model this after watching Martin Kenny's video (linked above).

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