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Sep 29, 2017

Join my pal George Masters and I as we talk cannabis, and the future of the show. Detailed show notes including links to all companies mentioned AND editorial notes worth checking, also attached to this show as a PDF, or viewable here

Episode 08

Sept 28, 2017

Host: Steve Cominski

Guest: George W. Masters

Hey Everybody, Steve here with a few introductory comments to today’s show. It’s been a busy few days around here since our last time together. Things continue to progress down at the garden at work, with the plants in the rooms getting bigger, most now requiring cargo netting to hold up the increasingly heavy branches.  The first harvest days for the new Smooth Sailing Cannabis team are starting to look like they are coming closer at long last.  Aside from my “Day Job”, and its attendant needs, I’ve been noodling on the show, of course.  Researching topics for the upcoming Episode 07, I have also been populating a schedule of show topics to cover, trying to get ahead of the cycle a little bit by looking ahead and putting down some outlines for future episodes.  All this, while updating the website, designing logos, and other art assets that will become our brand identity, and more.


The Episode you are about to listen to is more of an experiment than a formal program. Guest, friend, and probable future contributor George Masters joins me in the recording space to assist in testing microphones etc.  George is an ardent cigar aficionado and exceptionally talented photographer, whom I have been fortunate to call a good buddy now for many years.  I hope to be joined by George again soon in studio, to bring you the first of our more robust “Mini Strain Review” segments of the show.


Anyway, it’s still a struggle to get our mic’s levels where we want them, and again I’m not bothering with shipping this one off to my Sound Engineer pal for some post production, so you’re getting a modestly improved raw audio file once more. We are getting there though, and while George is a bit faint at times, due to not sitting as close to the mic as he maybe should have,  we enjoyed ourselves and I think overall the audio is reasonable.


Presently, getting out episodes on a regular basis is my top priority. Perfection must, for now, take a back seat to my goal of consistently putting something out there.  I earnestly believe that the quality is already here, and we simply need to continue to develop both the format, and our delivery, through just sitting down and turning on the mic, and getting something captured.


By the way, we are very much looking forward to being listed in the itunes and GooglePlay podcast directories any day now, and really hope that by becoming more searchable and discoverable in this way, we will begin to see even more views/listens/downloads of the show than we already are. In the meantime, however, for now the best place to find all past episodes, as well as to communicate directly with us, is our own website,


Next, an editorial note: Being stoners, during the smoke session I incorrectly identify the farm that produced the flower that we sample on the show as Cannasol Farms. Lovely folks though they probably are, we did not smoke their weed last night Instead, we enjoyed the Royal Kush from our friends down at Soulshine Farms, where fellow Podcaster and Cannabis Ninja Vanzell Kirk, host of “The Lifted Scene” works as a member of the Growing Team. Kirk, if you’re listening buddy- sorry for the flub, we did enjoy the Royal Kush quite a bit. Keep up the good work. Check out The Lifted Scene in the iTunes store or wherever else you find your favorite Podcast content.


Speaking of Podcasts, I want to share with you all two other shows right now that inspire me everyday to keep doing this, for myself as much as because I even think one person might be listening- first, Ryan Kraus of the Cold Case Murder Mysteries Podcast- the guy likes almost all of my instagram posts, like a real person or something- it’s crazy!  He also makes one of the best true crime Podcasts out there, bringing his unique analysis to cold cases, Ryan never fails to have you re-examining what you thought you knew about “well known” tragic stories that nevertheless fascinate us all.  Just as awesome as Ryan and Cold Case Mysteries, are Sam Sedlack and friends, over at Super Normal- a podcast that seeks to bring the listener super relatable stories about fascinating people you didn’t know you needed to know. Every episode is different, and they tackle some real shit. We are talking workplace politics, identity politics, being unique in a society today that continually finds ways to challenge and dampen the spirit of individuals- I’m doing a poor job here of describing a really worthwhile show- just go check it and these other shows out for yourself, and don’t forget to tell them all that Ya Boy Steve sent you!  


Alright- George and I are about to session some Galactic Glue Shatter from Clandestine Gardens, we laugh quite a bit, and even manage to talk a little shop about Episode 07, so get comfortable, grab yourself a cup of tea, and maybe a bowl of “Tea” as one of my first muses, Jack Kerouac might say, and get ready to hang out with the Baked and Awake pals..      


Background music from Youtube Channel Lofi Hip Hop Radio 24/7


Cannabis Flower: Royal Kush, Soulshine Farms


Butane Hash Oil (BHO): Galactic Glue, Clandestine Gardens