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Aug 20, 2020

Baked and Awake

Episode 108

August 20th 2020

Three Year Anniversary Show


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  • My Top Three Episodes of the Past Three Years
  • Shoutout to Honest Mike and Admirable Stacie for the Honest Audio Podcast!  Honest Mike is an internet friend and Internationally Known member of the Custom Import Scooter Community that I’ve been acquainted with for years, and who is using his decades of audio engineering experience as a party and recording DJ to tell the story of his near death experience of 2019. Mike is funny and talented and the world nearly lost a real one in him last year.  Glad you’re still with us Mike- Honest! Link http://honestaudiopodcast.buzzsprout.... 


Top Show of 2017 || Mars Hill 1&2:


Top Show of 2018 || The Mud Flood Deception and Grand Tartaria:


Top Show of 2019 || Intro to The General Crisis of The Seventeenth Century 1&2:


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