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Apr 5, 2020

Baked and Awake 

Episode 101

April 5th 2020


2020 Famrsistance/Farmsistence Garden Update


Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars- Originally presented by William “Bill” Cooper.  Inspired by Bones and Tubs and their episode about this topic from 2019. Listen to them here:


Correction: Re: HB2546 aka Dabpocalypse 2020- Listener and supporter Derek K commented on my YT channel that unfortunately my belief that the cited study used to build the State’s case against MJ concentrates didn’t use data about Cannabis cartridges was incorrect.  Apparently this study was about those Hot Dog water carts that have been circulating on the black market in non legal states. Thanks to Derek for keeping me honest, and for always listening to the show! PS- although I heard somewhere that this bill was defeated, a cursory investigation over at the Olympia website shows the bill is still in committee. Meaning, as far as I’m concerned- this battle isn’t over yet. Help me track this bill if you’re a Pacific Northwest Stoner by subscribing to receive email updates from the Legislature by visiting the bill’s page and clicking “Get Email Notifications”, here:


No update from The Fiery Blog as of this time.  (Re: The Theory of General Descent- see my recent YT Livestream for more information or visit


From the Department of Corona Distraction: WA State Governor Inslee passes Facial Recognition Implementation Rules:


Coming soon: Impressions of “The Lost Direction” by Timothy S Boucher- a Book about Quatria - Thank you Timothy!


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