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Sep 21, 2018

Baked and Awake Podcast

Episode 54

GLDLX of Sesh Cast and guest, Steve talk about their shared impressions and experience of Seattle Hempfest 2018.  For the full, unremixed conversation, head on over to the Sesh Cast Podcast, where you should also take a moment to subscribe!  

This Chillhop themed episode is powered by beautiful tracks from several artists I was fortunate to find on the  Fellow Podcasters and content creators who want some music to spice up your projects, go check out this amazing resource.  Artists featured today under Creative Commons and Attribution licenses include:



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Strain of the Week, Intercontinental Business Exchange, Seattle Edition, and The Nag Hammadi Library.  Shoutout to my friend @superchronicjosh, creator of @cannabisclubtv, the Netflix of Cannabis Content and the @highroadtravelshow for helping me with being able to attend this exclusive event.


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