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Jan 8, 2018

Baked and Awake Podcast

Season 2, Episode 01

January 7, 2018


Legal Cannabis Updates and Other News


Old Business-

Welcome to the first Episode of the Baked and Awake Podcast for 2018!! Holy Moly you Guys, we recorded 22 Episodes in 2017, having started this little project back in late August, almost September. In that time we have had well over 1000 downloads in total, with a one day record of 99 downloads! That just happened in December, with our Mars Hill Episodes One and Two! Thanks to everyone who participated in the MH episodes discussion and offline conversations. You all know who you are.. Looking forward to even more of that in the future, for sure, and I thoroughly enjoyed making those episodes, so please do check them out! What an honor it has been to spend time with you all and talk about all sorts of things we are not just “curious” about, but inspired to actively seek out and better understand them. That we may feel and appreciate esoteric topics more fully as our knowledge and comfort with them grows. But at its baseline, and for the purposes of this podcast there is one overriding and continuous theme we will devote ourselves to here, and it’s the plant. If you still are here with me by now, I’m gonna go ahead and take it for a given that you do too. Cannabis is a special gift, an embattled ally to millions, and perhaps the single greatest panacea against general pain, mental and physical suffering, and indeed grave diseases- to ever take the stage alongside we poor, fragile, fleshy humans in this short, brutally painful adventure that holds for each and every one of us but one possible conclusion. Is it such a wonder then, that some (most) folks in certain (many) industries and the halls of power don’t like it so much! But I digress!


We have goals to set for 2018. The Royal “We”, LOL- meaning me of course. But hey- these can perhaps be shared goals. Let’s see how we do- you tell me.


  • Record and publish once a week all year
  • Visit as many shops, grows, kitchens, and labs as possible, and share them with you
  • Raise awareness and funds for projects such as The Sentencing Project, NORML, and others that support and actively seek the end of mass incarceration in the US and particularly for non violent drug offenders.
  • Support and raise awareness for National movements to legalize and reschedule Cannabis and Hemp in all their varieties.  
  • Continue to create more robust episode notes for reference purposes
  • Pursue the above while respecting my Guests, Audience, and my Family at all times


Baked and Awake Minifesto: Basically, the world I would like to live in would provide robust access to medical cannabis for patients in need. This world would also formally invest in heavy mainstream research into applications by western medical minds (Don’t fear it, it’s happening if we like it or not). Finally, this world will have decriminalized and de stigmatized, or rehabilitated- the Adult Casual Cannabis user as a normal member of society. One in fact that is recognizably more safe, productive, and healthy to be or be around, than say- heavy lifelong users of tobacco or alcohol.  


Reminder that we do have a Patreon page with super modest buy ins for supporting the show, and I have just ordered my first run of stickers to be made as thank you gifts for my early loyal supporters and subscribers- check the page out at:, where you can learn more about exclusive content as well as bigger field trips planned for 2018!


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And now, the News: (Get Safe)


California finally opens the biggest legal cannabis market in North America, January 1st 2018. Let’s have a look at the ins and outs of how it will work for californians looking to make their first legal recreational Pot score.


Only three days after California celebrated legal Pot, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions the fifth, or whatever his name is- rescinded the famous and influential Obama era “Cole Memorandum” which gently but famously advised then President Obama to forego applying any federal funds to pursuing cases against States or Business entities in good standing within States that had moved to implement legal medical or recreational cannabis sales. This announcement on the part of the famously hard line Anti-Drug Lawmaker has many in nascent weed industries feeling suddlenly nervous about the future of their exciting anf profitable new enterprise. One prominent reaction came from the Chairman of Alaska’s Cannabis Board, who resigned specifically and immediately over this change in policy from the Justice Department.


Analysis of the threat:

WA Cannabis Sales Numbers from


Oregon’s Sales in 2017, highlights (85 Million Dollars in 8 months)


Colorado Cannabis Sales Figures for 2017


List of States with Medical or Recreational Cannabis


Population of WA: 7.2 Million  Oregon: 4.1 million, California: 39.2 million


The Cannabist agrees with me, in that we both believe this will only pave the way for a meaningful and well funded national campaign to give this issue to the States once and for all. Federal re-sceduling should be next, and the final victory would be the freeing of hundreds of thousands of non violent drug offenders currently serving time for cannabis related crimes.


Colorado Lawmakers already making moves to protect Cannabis industry - Time Magazine

Stories to Watch:


-Will the Governments of the world or Shadowy Globalists engineer a major financial meltdown and then blame it on Crypto currencies? (Before it’s News)


-Phones and Computers wide open to Security Vulnerabilities


-Alpha Zero Chess AI Bests former champ in just four hours, demonstrating tactics never before seen in the history of the game


-FCC moves to re define what Broadband is


-Trump to pardon Julian Assange?


Pods of the Week:


The Rogue Muslim Podcast- Intelligent talk about being Muslim in America today. Such a rare opportunity to sit and feel connected to well spoken and thoughtful Young Muslims who are themselves earnestly seeking meaningful dialogue with fellow members of their faith and non muslims alike.


The Come to the Table Podcast Host and Pastor Sean McCoy single handedly rehabilitates modern Evangelical Christianity to a diverse audience at Come to the Table. Race, Gender issues, Spirituality and the challenges of keeping a strong faith in the modern world are all part of the discussion. It’s good stuff, and as I like to point out- even easier than going to church!


Unpopular Culture Podcast  Brilliant analysis of True Crime stories that you thought you’d heard everything you could know about. Host Michael Drane is a Licensed Psychotherapist with, as he says- a background in forensics. Basically, some version of a profiler, and this podcast is an absolute must listen for fans of true crime pods.


Strain of the Week: 9Lb Hammer in a 2.5g Party Pre Roll Joint from Lucky Devil Cannabis, purchased at Urban Bud in Tacoma WA- Thanks Alondra and Crew for the great service as always!



If you live in Western WA and wish to join us in person to network and connect with other Cannabis Industry Professionals, join us next Wednesday in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle for a monthly gathering of the Cannabis Influencers Northwest.  We are the newest and most exciting Cannabis focused group in the region, and big things are afoot for the coming year! You can find us on to RSVP, or gate crash the event on Wednesday evening at 6pm at Counterbalance Brewing .




I’ll leave you with one last Holiday minded sentiment: If you’re the “New Year’s Resolution” type, or maybe if you’re not- a suggestion, something to consider trying, perhaps:


  1. Set a big huge scary goal for yourself.
  2. Start working towards it right away.
  3. Tell NO ONE
  4. Achieve said Big Huge Scary Goal.
  5. Tell NO ONE
  6. Profit


And as always, I leave you with my possibly annoying tagline- #smokeindicadoshitanyway


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