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Apr 14, 2018

Baked and Awake

Episode 39

April 14th 2018


SoTW: Kush Valley Platinum Delight (Platinum Delight 2) BHO Wax (Nug Run) Purchased at Star International in Burien WA.  Impression: Attractive in both color and aroma, this (in this case) Sativa leaning hybrid- flavor is good. Dabbed at low temps or puffed through a nectar collector, the Honey colored Wax, which has a shiny skin that gives way to a biscuit batter crumble inside presents us with a durable Citrus topnote- still smelly and tasty days after opening the provided glass jar with hard silicon lid (I moved the wax into a full silicone stash jar the better for carrying around) That opening overtone is give way to a clean finish with a mild vapor and little to no cough reflex.


On Kids and Cannabids


The Guardian US, Pot Smoking Parents on Smoking around their children


Today’s Parent online, Parents Who Smoke Pot


The New York Times- How Pot Helps Parenting


Cannabis Alchemy

US Patent Information on conversion of CBD to THC


Related Reading: David Hoye- Cannabis Alchemy, 1973


Introduction text


This book is being published in California in 1973. At
this particular point in time, possession of cannabis prod¬
ucts is illegal in the state of California as well as many
other places in the world. The author and publishers can¬
not advocate breaking the law and suggest strongly that
before beginning, the alchemist carefully check the man¬
made laws which govern the part of the planet in which
he intends to perform the operations described herein.
Recent legislation by some of the more progressive legal
bodies, medical findings proving that TUC is not harm¬
ful, and the results of the California Marijuana Initiative
and many polls of public opinion are showing the canna
bis lovers of the world the light at the end of the tunnel
manifesting in the complete de criminalization of cannabis.

The cultivation of marijuana and the refinement of its preparations has
concerned alchemists and hedonists on this planet for centuries. Cannabis
sativa and Cannabis indica are both powerful allies. The body of the plant
itself serves as a link between the physical plane and a host of Spirits of
exceptional wisdom and subtlety. When the plant is ingested these qualities
manifest in the mind of the worshipper, unlocking the storehouse of Wis¬
dom within and revealing the hidden springs of pleasure. Smoking or eat¬
ing the leaves or flowers is usually sufficient to bring about the desired
state, although it seems inherent in the nature of Man to search for more
concentrated forms of the drug which are stronger, more pleasant to in¬
gest, or are more desirable in some other way. Thus it is that in every cul¬
ture the technology of that period is applied to the work of the trans¬
mutation. As technology has evolved, so have the outward trappings of the
operation, even though the principles underlying the operation remain con¬
stant throughout time and cultural differences. In primitive situations the
refinement is carried on manually, the flowers being separated from the
less psychoactive seeds, stems and leaves. Resins are extracted by simply
rubbing the plant with the hands and then scraping the resin from the
hands with the fingers. Water extractions are accomplished by boiling the
plant parts in water, letting the water evaporate in the sun, and then col¬
lecting the residue. In cultures advanced to the state of mechanical tech¬
nology, devices are used to this end. This might involve sifting the dried
resin through mesh cloth, or mechanically pressing the resin into slabs. In
cultures where the ingestion of the plant is accepted and desirable, these
techniques become the formulae of power, and hashmakers are revered as
Priests of the Holy Sacrament. In other situations their work is misunder¬
stood, and they are branded as criminals to be persecuted. Yet their work


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