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Dec 30, 2018

Baked and Awake

Episode 64

Holiday Edition

December 30 2018



Disclaimer- we be smokin' that weed

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Finally Thanks and much love to my Beautiful Wife, Nicole of @Bluebirdfarms, and a Merry Christmas to her and my two Boys Ken and Royce.  You’re my world, and I hope one day you can all look back on these podcasts and be glad that I made them.

Last week’s Episode on the Mud Flood and Grand Tartaria is turning out to be my most popular episode ever, doing very well on the usual podcast distribution end points, but also turning out to be a bit of a hit (for me) on YouTube, with over 800 views, as they put it in their language versus the more podcastey “downloads”.  Now, I’m well aware that this is probably due to me being fortunate in having stumbled upon something in this topic, already several years in the researching for a number of amazing pioneers in the area such as John Levy, Phillip Druzhinin, Sylvie Ivanova of the New Earth YouTube Channel, as well as of course the academic who could be credited with, at least in the recent era, in championing this contrarian viewpoint of history- Anatoly Fomenko. Add to this list, a fascinating new researcher I just found, Andreas Xirtus, and his crazy observations about Mormon Architecture and Symbolism and a lot more.   Youtube Channel


Weird Salt Documentary with questionable Salt Cathedral towards the end: Salt: Tears of The Earth (Start at 33:49 to skip straight to it)


Steve’s Research Rabbitholes Below:


  • Eighteen hundred and froze to death
  • The 1901-1903 dust storms- PDF attached to last episode
  • The war of 1812- Napoleon and Tsar Alexander were friends
  • The American Civil War and Reconstruction- a way to demolish the old and re shape?
  • The Spanish American War- What were we fighting for?
  • American Indian Genocide- We erased a people and told their grandchildren they were Africans
  • Grand Canyon mysteries- Pyramids, Giants, Artifacts all hidden by the Smithsonian
  • So called “Neoclassical” Architecture found Globally
  • The American Dust Bowl- Time frame, images, impact, cause
  • CERN, etc connection?
  • The Man in the High Castle (Separate issue?  Disclosure?)
  • Orphan Trains, Little Orphan Annie Myth? Dickens?
  • Lewis and Clark Expedition (?)

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