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Feb 27, 2020

Baked and Awake

Episode 099

February 27 2020

-SMOKING TEMPLE BALL HASHISH Purchased at Evergreen Market Renton.  Asked for Bubble Hash, received Temple Ball (oops) +$10 Differential for the temple ball! Either one would be almost my first time ever being exposed to these types of hash, but is the Temple Ball worth the extra money? What even IS a “Temple Ball?” We’ll find out.  I have been inspired by the content of one Frenchy Cannoli for a while now and if you haven’t already heard of him he’s a man known for traveling and teaching the history and methods of making traditional cannabis hashish. Frenchy’s instagram is full of well candid yet powerful videos freely sharing his techniques for creating beautiful hash literally anywhere and with no special tools whatsoever, unless you count a bottle filled with hot water and some potholders “special tools”. 

Frenchy rolls a Temple Ball, 3 min video, here: 


-INDICA AND SATIVA, TIME TO EVOLVE These labels are entirely meaningless. Segment inspired by a recent vlog by Todd P McCormick 

(insta:  Todd is a veteran Cannabis advocate and educator from what I gather, with a lot more time in Cannabis media including print, than myself. I believe I’ve seen him more than once on Bubbleman’s Hash Church back when I wouldn’t miss an edition of that amazing long running Youtube/Pod/Vlog/Panel Discussion show. Check out Todd’s IG where he’s active, and posts some great stuff that you’re sure to find edifying. Todd’s salient points in this recent talk about Indica and Sativa and how badly they’re being relied upon to describe the entire world of cannabis centered on Carl Linnaeus, American Vets encountering what they would come to call “Indica” in India and Afghanistan, etc, and the major changes that brought to existing cultivars already in play in North America at the time as they brought these strains home to breed with the existing longer flowering tropical landrace strains that though popular, struggled to thrive outdoors here. We use Indica and Sativa as labels that are supposed to map to an expected type of high. The problem of course is that there are a number of important factors that actually contribute to what the flower you’re smoking, and the concentrates made from it, are going to deliver in terms of experience.  These range from inputs like what nutrition especially sugars was the plant fed during its life, how early or late the plant was harvested, and importantly, how effectively and gently was the plant dried and “cured” before being consumed. Finally, time on the shelf after the cure is complete will continue to affect the taste and effects of the flower, with the intensity of the high deteriorating over time but not before becoming increasingly tranquilizing in it’s presentation, even as overall potency slowly declines. This is due to THC in the dried plant eventually sort of breaking down and becoming a compound known as CBG

-DABPOCALYPSE UPDATE HB2546 still in committee (

-GARDEN UPDATE 2020 microgreens and veggie starts 


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