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Apr 30, 2018

Monday April 30th 2018

Baked and Awake Episode 41

WT Flip is Scromiting?

Steve Cominski


Note: Virtually every episode of this podcast, including this one- prominently features the beautiful Music of Antti Luode of Finland.  Antti provides scores of original, new music tracks, for FREE, for anyone to use.  Please for the love of all things creative and beautiful in this world- follow Antti on Soundcloud, where you can hear more of their music, and support independent musicians everywhere any way you can.


Man Brain Comedy Podcast Promo gladly shared here I love David and his insane Podcast!


SOTW: Fucking Incredible- Bunch of prerolls from Doc Croc Cannabis Farm, purchased at III King’s Cannabis  in Skyway. Strong medicine, marked drowsiness may occur.


OldBiz Scromiting:


Continued- FB Cambridge Analytic:


Continued- 1984:


File Under: Skynet

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