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Mar 5, 2018

March 5th 2018

Episode 34

Stephen Cominski

Nate Lopez- Stand up Comic (@inspectanate on IG, Twitter)


Podcast of the Week:  The Color Me Dead Podcast- Hardcore True Crime stories delivered by two hilarious yet thorough Ladies, Angel and Nikki.  NSFW, Not for the easily offended, or those with delicate constitutions. 


Today on Baked and Awake, I conclude my chat with Local Seattle Comic Nate Lopez about his life as a Pro MMA Fighter, and what he’s doing today outside the ring. Before that however, I want to bring you three quick stories of the rapidly approaching Automation of the Unskilled Laborer Class of Industry at every level. One does not need to look very far to find these stories today. You encounter them everywhere you look, under many different names but all along a single theme… Rise of the Machines. The Internet of Things. Agenda 2030, Formerly Agenda 21- or “The Sustainability Agenda”. Terminator 2, Electric Boogaloo? You be the judge..


  1. Business Insider via Slashdot: Jack in The Box CEO says “It just makes sense” to replace human cashiers with armed, autonomous Robots- OK I doctored that headline a LITTLE, but you get the point!
  2. Related to #1, CNBC again via Slashdot says:  McDonald’s Stock surges on reports of the company’s decision to also replace Humans with Flying, Hunter Killer Automated McKiosks- Fuck it I’m just writing the future headlines from like five years down this slippery slope now.
  3. But Steve, that’s just fast food jobs!  Oh? Is that so? Not according to the BBC, who says: Levi Strauss to replace hand aging of jeans with Computer Controlled Lasers! Gotcha- I didn’t even have to fuck with this one because IT’S REAL!
  4. And if that wasn’t all depressing ENOUGH: Some brainy Stanford Economist says all Fossil Fuel vehicles will disappear within eight years in a recently published study that is shocking the Automotive Industry. (and striking terror into my Motorcycle riding heart)


And now we’ll jump back in to Nate and I puffing and chilling together the other day, basically getting to know each other right along with you. If you haven’t already, and you like the show- please do Subscribe on your favorite platform, but try to make your way over to the iTunes store long enough to drop us your honest feedback in the form of a review. All of the cool Baked and Awake gear you see on our social media, or that is mentioned on the show, can be found at our Teepublic Store, where some cash from every purchase goes directly back to the show to help us continue to improve the show with research materials, or to help us get out into the field in the coming year.  Thanks as alway for listening, and I do hope you enjoy the rest of the conversation that is resuming in 3…. 2…. 1…..

Music by Antti Loude, Finland- As posted to reddit:


With my Gratitude, Antti!!


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