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Mar 16, 2018

Baked and Awake

Episode 35

Thursday March 15th



Cannabis Updates- LCB Lifts 24 Hour Quarantine period for sales.

SOTW: Rapper Kush Live Resin

Home Garden Updates- New Greenhouse, Bunny House and Chicken Coop Reset, Bees, Possible Chicken Cam, Bee Cam- Follow @bluebirdfarms

(Airis 8 Nectar Straw!  Greenside Rec!)

Open Cannabis Project



Canna Tank 420- Spokane WA March 30-31




Carousel Sniper Victim


The Eastern Border!


Robots for Eyes


Art and Jacob Do America


Noise Pollution Podcast




Young, Free, and Coupled


Man Brain Comedy Podcast


Jrev Media!


Podcast Builders League!


Cannabis Influencers Northwest


Counterbalance Brewing Company


Visit the Teepublic Shop!!


Music by Antti Loude of Soundcloud fame


Smoke Indica, do shit anyway