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Dec 18, 2017

Baked and Awake Episode 20

18 December 2017, Seattle WA

Host: S Cominski


This week on Baked and Awake, we smoke a powerful joint, and read some of the Top Secret Tales of WWII, by WIlliam B. Breuer.  


This episode is a bit of a placeholder for the soon to be published Reflections on Mars Hill Church episode, which will be out sometime before Christmas.  


As promised, if you share my interest in WWII History, and want to begin to understand its impacts on the world at the time, and its lasting influence today- I can’t put any of the following Podcasts above another, per se- they are each excellent resources on WWII. Those are:


Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History - OK maybe I can put one above all others…  HOnestly though how do you not know about this podcast already?   Put on your attention span ear goggles and get ready because these shits are LONG (but oh so good).


History on Fire Podcast - Daniele Bolelli has a mesmerizing accent, voice, and a passion for history that equalls Mr. Carlin, by all means. His point of view, and storytelling style will absorb you instantly. You cannot listen to an episode without learning several things you never knew before.


Tonight’s Joint: 1g DIPPED Preroll, Elmer’s Glue Strain, purchased from the fine folks down at Xander’s Green Goods in Tacoma WA. We love our local green grocer!  


Closing Jingle performed by Specialbreh, on contract from Fiverr freelance services marketplace. It was affordable, fast, and super fun to work with a talented artist this way.  Check out Fiverr if you could use a little something special to spice up your Podcast or production!