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Nov 10, 2017


BAKED and AWAKE 11.9.17


November 2017 / 4:20 PM / SEATTLE WA


Steve Cominski



Opening and Old Business

  • More thoughts on Predictive Programming, Disclosure, Social Engineering. What I really wanted to say here is, that last week’s episode, personally fell short of my ambitions for what I envisioned to be a decent, if brief introduction to the topics of Predictive Programming, Social Engineering, and the Disclosure of these things via the evolving platforms of popular media in all its forms. Partially due to rambling, and partially due to trying not to spill over into a two part episode, I severely truncated both my paraphrasing of Jay Dyer’s story, and my own personal commentary, poor though it may be, in support of some of the observations made in the article about Stranger Things and it’s occult symbolism. This topic is huge. It is absolutely gigantic in scope, goes way beyond Stranger Things for sure- and discussing it with a semblance of intelligence and any hope of understanding it- well, that most certainly deserves more than an hour here, an hour there. So, as I indicated at the time, we will be revisiting these topics, and more than once as we journey along together in our search for the hidden truths that live in plain sight all around us. I’ll be looking at a new piece of popular film or TV that most of us are familiar with, (TBD)- and we’ll do a bit more of a methodical run down of what symbols, themes, and subtext we observed, personally. We’ll also discuss the extent to which these elements recur in other films and TV, radio, web productions today. Finally, we’ll work our way towards an episode where we will hopefully enjoy the benefit of the deep personal insights and perspective of none other than Jay Dyer of Jay’s Analysis. That’s right, my dear friends- I’m very pleased and more than a tad nervous to admit that I received a message online recently from Jay himself, in response to my own, rather cavalier message telling him we had elected to use one of his stories from last year to build an episode around. (I sent this message after I had hit “publish”, of course.)  Mr. Dyer was more than merciful. Nevertheless, Jay graciously suggested that we might have him on our show sometime (!!) At some point, I was able to get up off the floor from where I had fallen, and sent a reply with my heartfelt thanks, and a promise to work harder on this topic, the better to prepare for a future conversation with him.  Needless to say, any of you who may be familiar with Jay Dyer’s work, and the size of his reach- know that he can do nothing but help us grow our audience by appearing as a guest on this humble show. Due to this undeniable fact, I will be seriously working on exploring these areas, which have fascinated me for years already, so that when we do have Jay on, we can hold up our end of the discussion at least a little bit!  This is all just a little ways out, I anticipate and hope to sit down with Jay on a call sometime early in the coming year. Maybe even early January. We’ll see though, as I’m sure we will be working around His schedule, and that’s just fine.


  • Shoutouts to: The Man Brain Comedy Podcast Crew- thanks for the IG love and the iTunes review. As for their Pod, the Lads don’t all sound it, but they’re coming at us from Australia, and I’d say their show, which is funny as shit above all else, covers a bit of everything, and is never predictable. All in all not just better than a kick up the backside, but maybe even better than a Ham Sandwich. If you’ve not heard them yet, maybe pop on over to Man Brain Comedy Podcast after this show, and have yourself a Captain Cook with your ear holes. (And if those remarks were a little cryptic sounding to my normal listeners, I only hope they make a little more sense to ouwa Mates Down Undah!


  • In something of a personal first for me, I was just interviewed as the second half of Sam Sedlack’s Super Normal podcast’s most recent episode, that came out earlier this week on iTunes, Podbean, etc etc.  Sam and I discussed perspectives on growing up Mixed Race and Adopted, and my experiences now, raising a mixed race family of my own. I think Sam managed to help me sound pretty coherent, and like I wasn’t completely choked up for the entire conversation. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this show, and the young woman that Sam interviewed for the first half of the episode had an awesome story and perspective that she shared as well. All in all, it was an awesome experience for me, and got me thinking about pursuing a few avenues of investigation into my own Biological family, whom I have yet to make contact with any members of. Please, if you’d like to learn a little more about Steve the person, give Super Normal a listen. While you are there, hit that subscribe button and put Sam’s amazing podcast in your daily listening roster.
  • Last but not least, I want to verbally thank Anti Luode, of Anti’s Music. Anti posted an enormous, continuously growing, folder of instrumental music, royalty free, in our Podcasting Subreddit. A heartfelt thank you to Anti for their wonderful contributions to the quality of so many people’s projects.  Find more of Anti’s work at






  1. December 9th and 10th 2017- PodCon in Seattle WA Steve to attend both days. Will report on value of event etc.

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