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Feb 25, 2018

Baked and Awake

Episode 31

Cannacon Recap

Updates on Stories we have covered

Cannabis Influencers NW Vision Statement



Cannacon Recap


Shoutouts:  Meg Lewellyn from insta @BBHwithMS, Jake the Professor  and Dominique Dabs from Diego Pellicer, Joshua Kinkaid of Seattle Super Chronic Cafe and The Marijuana Show, Chef Jeremy Cooper, Jacko the Barbarian, Robert and team from Jrev Media, Gote and all his colleagues at Capitol Analysis, Cam and Liz from Dose Oil in Seattle, Victor Krantz from The Bucket Company and Cookies and Cream Farm in Florida, Malachi and Victor from OK+ Medicinal in Oklahoma, Gareth and team from Green Screen Media, Chuck Lee and Jeff Hubbard with the Global Garden Company, Scott at Boveda, Jared Mirsky from Wick and Mortar, Richard and Christopher from Island Strains, Jamaica, Barry Storeshaw from Alberta Canada and the Orchid Species Preservation Foundation, Beau Milner from Central Coast Garden Products, Farmer Tom Lauerman, and The Ricker, owner of WAM Oil.


Thursday: Walked the floor most of the day, attended the Cannacon Industry VIP party in Ballard at The Ballard Bay Club, which was really fun.  I hung with Gote from Capitol Analytics, Malachi and Victor from OK+ Medicinal, and Barry, a plant propagation specialist with a deep background in Orchids, listened to some music, and smoked our faces off out by the seawall.


Friday: Show in the morning, walked the floor and trolled for swag, and left early to record the Nate Lopez Episode.


Saturday:  Two talks in the morning, (Branding w Jared Mirsky and Terpenes with True Terpenes) floor walking, and the Sensi Mag afterparty in Seattle in the evening.   Oh, and I met Kahl VanKoughnet on the streets, and he is running for President in 2020.


Best Convention SWAG:  Futurola, with a sick Rolling tray and Tommy Chong Rolling machine that is my new favorite smoking accessory ever!  First runner up, may eventually be more important than Number one: The Green House Co and their dry nutrient line for indoor cannabis grows. Super pumped to try out this line on my next indoor run. Honorable Mention:  Boveda, who was anything but stingy with their humidipacks, and Advanced Nutrients, with their abundant product samples, Dab mats, lighters, AND Dual LED magnifying Loupes for everyone. I also got grinders, containers, rolling papers, stickers, hats, t shirts, posters, and I don’t know what else.


Strap yourselves in, Buckaroos, have I got a story for YOU!


100 Page Report Warns of The Dangers of AI


Intel has a SPectre and Meltdown Patch for you, maybe


Scientists discover a NEW way to write mass amounts of data to DNA




Bluebird Farms, our Urban Farmstead, Cannabis Influencers Northwest defines its mission, and more.


THANK YOU for over 2000 downloads in January!  Amazing and humbling!  Thanks also for your reviews and for reaching out to me as so many of you have, to comment on or give feedback about our shows. It means the world.  


Please don’t forget to support these worthy organizations helping right the wrongs of the war on drugs, and working to move us forward together as an industry and a people in the 21st century.


NORML- The National Organization for the Reform of Cannabis Laws


The Sentencing Project- Working to eliminate mandatory minimum sentencing and commute the sentences of convicted non violent drug offenders.  


The Open Cannabis Project- Open sourcing the best practices of the growing legal cannabis industry for everyone.

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