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Apr 4, 2018

April 4th 2018

Baked and Awake

Episode 38

Steve Cominski


Pre Show Guided Meditation


Opening Comments:  Weed disclaimer, Guided meditation, Welcome. Shoutouts, (Josh Cornutt- Cannabis Industry Veteran and fellow Podcaster on sabbatical, Blake Noise Pollution- with whom I have plans for a future episode on Chemtrails, Eli Sirota of the The Not so Crazy Podcast of Blizzard The wizard and Eli, because we are going to talk Comic Books(!). Former Colleague in Tech, Garrett A.- looking forward to our upcoming visit and conversation about the Surveillance State, The Internet of Things, and Parsing the truth from the Veritable Shit Tsunami that is the “New Information Age” (← did we just invent a term there?).  Other future shows include Nate Lopez and a conversation about growing up in the JW Religion, JJ and his impressions of DMT, aka “The Spirit Molecule”, @the_wizard_of_oddz and the Landmark Forum Advanced Curriculum, Meg and her journey to wellness as “Powered by Cannabis”. I have ideas that aren’t even notes in a folder yet- for episodes covering Permaculture and Living Soils, No till gardening, companion planting, composting, compost teas- it just doesn’t stop.  I hope you’re all ready to take this journey together, because it’s only getting wilder and more fun from here.


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