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Sep 2, 2017


Today on Ep 005:

  1. Opening Remarks
  2. Events - King Cannabis Expo, Spokane WA
  3. Strain of The Week OG x Chem Terpene Sauce
  4. Vocab- What does “OG” stand for? 
  5. The Lee Family  “Curse”
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Welcome to the latest installment of The Baked and Awake Show, where we get together, usually once a week- and chop it up about all things Cannabis here in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest. I tend to open most episodes with some light cannabis consumption, and a bit of conversation about everybody’s favorite semi illicit houseplant. Once we are good and stoney, we’ll turn things towards interesting stories, mysteries, and popular, unpopular, and sometimes obscure conspiracy theories- especially those with connections to the Pac NW.


NOTE: Host and guests record the show in Washington State. All Cannabis use is legal and conducted with as much decorum as possible while still having fun. Viewers and Listeners should be adults and understand that this show is not suitable for children. The Content Creator does not advocate or promote the underage use of Drugs, Alcohol, or Cannabis, nor excessive use of the same by adults caring for or closely associated with children. We are responsible adults, parents,  and we think decent folks. We’ll hold ourselves to a reasonably high standard for class and taste- and you should, too.


Thank you, everyone, everywhere, anytime, for joining me today for this our latest show. I am excited to share some really fun cannabis related trivia today, and maybe a little bit more. We are also going to continue our journey through time via our ( Hemp History Timeline, starting at just about 1800, where we find ourselves beginning to see the modern era loom close on the horizon for both humanity and our intrepid companions, Indica and Sativa.  From there we will probably take a big ol’ dab before diving in deep on an equally major double mystery. Those were the strange deaths by misadventure suffered by budding Hollywood star Brandon Lee- 28, tragically killed during the filming of his breakthrough role,1993’s  The Crow, and twenty years prior, the equally untimely demise of Brandon’s father, the legendary international martial arts movie superstar Bruce Lee, 32 while filming Game of Death. In each case, the movies were eventually finished (with major changes to accommodate the loss of their starring actor) and released to audiences anyway. Both men’s deaths were surrounded by conspiracy theories, some of which persist to this day.  


Before we get to all that, however, I wanted to take a moment to make a couple of follow up comments about my recent trip to Seattle’s Hempfest with my family. I wanted to point out that, while 100 percent supportive of my cannabis lifestyle, career choice, all of it- Nicole does not and has not ever really used cannabis. Aside from a few experiences with various edible products, (with mixed results!) She’s just not into it. This is important to understand up front so that you will believe me when I say that we did not partake with, or while in contact with any young students or former students of Nicoles’ at the event. I would also remind everyone that Hempfest is an all ages event and that many young people attend without any intention or requirement for partaking of the marijuanas merely due to being in attendance. Does it occur? Undoubtedly. Did we witness it this year? I don’t think so. Anyway- my wife is a wonderful, upstanding, positive role model for her students and I just wanted to be crystal clear on that matter before moving on.   


Old Business

Vocabulary, General:

Delineate de·lin·e·ate



verb: delineate; 3rd person present: delineates; past tense: delineated; past participle: delineated; gerund or present participle: delineating

  1. describe or portray (something) precisely.
  2. "the law should delineate and prohibit behavior that is socially abhorrent"


mid 16th century (in the sense ‘trace the outline of something’): from Latin delineat- ‘outlined,’ from the verb delineare, from de- ‘out, completely’ + lineare (from linea ‘line’).


Carl Linnaeus is famous for his work in Taxonomy, the science of identifying, naming and classifying organisms (plants, animals, bacteria, fungi, etc.). He was born in 1707, the eldest of five children, in a place called Råshult, in Sweden. His father, called Nils, was a minister and keen gardener. He would often take his young son Carl into the garden with him and teach him about botany (the study of plants). By the age of five, Carl had his own garden, which gave him a great thirst for learning about plants and how they work. Source:


Cannabis Events

King Cannabis Expo looking somewhat interesting at the end of September, Spokane WA


Strain of The Week

Cannabis 101- Vocabulary, Baked

What’s “OG” stand for when it’s part of the strain name? Spoiler- It’s probably not what you think! Source:


Dabbing: Blue Roots Cannabis Terpene Sauce- OG Chem (65%THC)

Flower: Lifted Cannabis 501st OG (22%THC)

Purchased at Clutch Cannabis Renton WA. Great little shop with a large selection and an excellent staff. Look for Barry and give him daps.


Hemp History Timeline

EP 03 left us in 1798, where Napoleon bans Cannabis in Egypt..  


Baked Closing Remarks


(Part Two?)


Awake Topic- The Lee Family “Curse”


NOTE: Before we begin- Bruce Lee was an idol of mine growing up. He was light years ahead of his contemporaries, and while Kung Fu movies were still a fringe niche within film offerings in the US at the time, many thousands, perhaps millions of impressionable young boys like myself grew up in the 1970’s and 80’s watching an endless stream of low budget action movies on the TV during our summer vacations. Infinitely superior to The Waltons, Andy Griffith Show, or endless reruns of Green Acres, Gilligan’s Island, LIttle House, and F-Troop were these action packed fantasies about Brave Warriors, Beautiful Damsels who wielded swords of their own, and downright creepy and unbelievable, Seemingly supernatural old Monks, Generals, and Kung Fu Wizards. Now these were movies! Still- they were super cheesy, and they are frankly hard to watch these days upon re visitation. Bruce Lee’s movies were and are nothing of the sort. He stood head and shoulders above the rest,(plot, production value, mass appeal, etc) and you can still see this when watching his movies today. Bruce’s Jeet Kune Do, in many ways- foreshadowed today’s Modern Mixed Martial Arts, especially as expressed within the now sanctioned sporting organization of the Ultimate Fighting Championships. I have good reason, as do probably many, to believe that Bruce, if his prime years age had coincided with the era of  the rise of UFC style fighting- that he would have adapted yet further in his development and evolution of his unique style (A combination of over 23 traditional Martial Arts disciplines as well as elements of Western Boxing, Wrestling, and more) and been very successful indeed. Were, that is- he were interested in further competition of any sort which is by no means clear.   I do this piece on Bruce and Brandon to honor their memories, not to speculate uselessly on deaths 25 and 44 years in the past, respectively. The Lee family has never supported or given breath to the many theories surrounding the circumstances of the two men’s demises, and I feel it only fair to point this out at this time.  Bruce and Brandon are survuved by Bruce’s wife and Brandon’s Mother, Linda Lee, as well as Shannon Lee, Brandon’s younger sister (Born 1972).  


Can both Bruce and Brandon Lee’s deaths,  all too young at age 32 and 28 respectively- be laid at the feet of Chinese Triads, Japanese Gangsters, or even a dreaded family curse, or were both men’s demises nothing more than pure bad luck and outrageous coincidence?


Topic Bullet Points:

  1. Bruce’s Parents feared a demon was after their son.
  2. Rumors of a feud between Lee, a prolific teacher of Western Students- and the Chinese Triads, who did not want the secrets of their martial arts disseminated.
  3. Bruce was plagued by prophetic dreams of his own early death.
  4. Bruce’s character in Game of Death is “shot by a would be assassin” in the film.
  5. Bruce collapses while filming Game of Death, dies while the film is still not complete from an apparent allergic reaction to the unusual pain killer/muscle relaxer provided him by a friend and fellow actor , <--- Equagesic.
  6. Brandon’s character’s origin story in The Crow is shot and killed- Lee is himself killed during the filming of this scene on Day 50 of production of the seemingly already bad luck plagued movie, while filming the origin scene..
  7. Released just prior to the Death of Brandon, the 1992 Biopic, Dragon, The Bruce Lee Story, Starring Jason Scott Lee (no relation) features a climactic and highly dramatized scene towards the end of the movie in which a Demon, initially chasing Bruce, is seen to suddenly change its focus and turn to pursue his young son, Brandon in an eerily prophetic fashion.
  8. The investigation into Bruce’s death took over 2 months, only fueling Conspiracies of a coverup or foul play.
  9. Circumstances of Brandon’s Death took over two weeks to resolve, with members of the film crew initially being reticent to come clean about details of how the events of the night unfolded. These eventually include an explanation that beggars the imagination. (Blank shells needed but not on set. Manufactured from live rounds purchased at a local pawn shop- lead tips were removed along with most of the powder, leaving only a shell, primer charge, and wadding. Stupendously tragically however, was the failure to inspect/clear the prop (but real) .44 caliber revolver, which had already used some other rounds modified in a different way for frontal close up shots (lead tips left intact, no powder or primer left inside empty shell) and in  which the topmost round had, incredibly- left behind it’s lead tip partially lodged inside the barrel of the gun. Michael Massee, the actor who shot Lee on set by accident, himself died just last year at 61 years old. He died of stomach cancer.  Masse was said to never have gotten over the incident, but was not blamed for the accident that killed Brand



Bruce Lee Facts:


  1. Enter The Dragon was the top grossing martial arts action movie ever upon its release.
  2. Bruce’s hand and foot speed was so great that the cameras at (ABC?- citation) had to be adjusted to a higher shutter speed in order to capture his movements during his studio auditions. This was an early use of a crude slow mo technology.
  3. Bruce was Kato in The Green Hornet TV series, he wished to play The Green Hornet.
  4. Bruce Created and pitched the show that was eventually produced as “Kung Fu”, starring David Carradine. He was told nobody would watch a chinese lead such as himself in a show for western audiences. Cough (Racism) cough
  5. Wife Linda Emery, Son Brandon, Daughter Shannon.
  6. Bruce Lee’s mother was Eurasian, with an English mother, making Bruce ¼ English and thus not full blooded Chinese. This detail caused friction with Yip Man’s other student’s when they discovered it- forcing Yip Man to train Bruce privately as WIng Chun was only supposed to be taught to pure Chinese students.
  7. Bruce Lee loved Cannabis (!!!) He was known to have chewed Nepalese Hashish, (possibly to manage chronic pain). This disposition however, contributed to rumors that the hashish contributed to his death.
  8. In 1970 Bruce Injured his back working out at home, his wife was present when it occurred. The pain, though not initially very severe, proved serious upon examination. Bruce was diagnosed with a serious spine injury, requiring months of bed rest followed by painful rehabilitation. Throughout the healing process, Bruce’s physicians maintained that he would never be normal, let alone be capable of practicing Martial Arts at a high level again .


Fun Lee Links:

Jeet Kun Do- The way of the intercepting fist- from the Bruce Lee Foundation

Jacke Chan tells the story of challenging Bruce, and losing


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