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Aug 26, 2017

Episode 003 Show Notes


Today on Ep 003:

  1. Show Intro
  2. Hempfest Recap
  3. Strain of the Week- Dutch Treat
  4. Hemp History Timeline (1500CE)
  5. Smoking tip- Landrace Strains
  6. The Maury Island Incident
  7. Thanks to supporters, Like and Subscribe


Show Intro:

Welcome to the latest installment of The Baked and Awake Show, where we get together, usually once a week- and chop it up about all things Cannabis here in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest. We open most episodes with some smoking, and conversation about everybody’s favorite semi illicit houseplant. Once we are good and stoney, we’ll turn things towards interesting stories, mysteries, and popular, unpopular, and sometimes obscure conspiracy theories.


NOTE: Host and guests reside and record the show in Washington State. All Cannabis use is legal in WA and conducted with as much decorum as possible (while still having fun). Viewers and Listeners should be adults and understand that this show is not suitable for children. Furthermore, we do not advocate for the underage use of Drugs, Alcohol, or Cannabis, nor excessive use of same by adults caring for or closely associated with children. We are parents and, we think- decent folks. We’ll hold ourselves to a reasonably high standard (he hee!) and you should, too.


Events Calendar:

Hempfest 2017 was a blast! I didn’t end up volunteering for WOKE WA because I didn’t make it out to the festival until Sunday afternoon (A wonderful time to attend Hempfest, I must say- ahem- free parking- cough), when I brought along the whole fam damily to join me in a Hempy Sunday afternoon (which more than anything else we ate our way through in true County Fair Fashion) at the park. More about this in the show, but suffice to say that as long as you’re not scared of a few of the crunchier hippies, it’s a downright family friendly affair at Ye Olde Hempe Festival.


Hempfest main message takeaway: Legalize Home Grow in WA, Public/Social Smoking in WA, More Progressive voters needed.  Hempfest is hurting for funding!


Link to support Hempfest and their advocacy efforts:


Strain of the Week:

Dutch Treat- Hybrid Wikileaf has the best description I found: Wikileaf Dutch Treat

EXCERPT: There is no clear provenance on the lineage of Dutch Treat. However, many sources point to Jordan of the Islands, an experienced breeder from Vancouver Island, as the point of origin. Jordan of the Islands grows several staple strains as well as innovative crossbreeds that retail at dispensaries throughout the Vancouver area.

Popular staple strains Northern Lights (another heavy indica with an earthy flavor profile) and Haze (a bold sativa with similarly wispy buds) have been suggested as parents of Dutch Treat, but without advanced genetic testing, we can’t know for sure how Dutch Treat came to be.



Hemp History Timeline:

Shareable Googledoc Link to PDF

1500CE and onward!

(Some review for returning listeners but hey let's be honest, you were probably stoned last time so it's good for your synapses or something like that) 

Concluded at 1798 and Napoleon Being a huge prick, banning everything. Did you know he was actually TALL for a Frenchman of the era? Oh yeah- look it up. 

Cannabis Fun Fact:

What is a Landrace Strain?

Landrace strains are the original, native strains of cannabis that have been discovered and documented throughout time. These strains, and the genetic purity they represent- are the progenitors of ALL the modern, Ultra High Performing, hybridized cannabis we enjoy today. Landraces are incredibly important today as growers and scientific and medically minded professionals are becoming hip to cannabis and its myriad applications. These people and the fields of study they represent want to look directly at the plant as it developed in nature, free of interbreeding with other strains, and in its historically correct region of the world.  Although less common today than they once were in terms of distribution, they do pop up for sale now and then and you may find it fun to try them when you have the chance.    


List Of Landrace Strains


Thai – Sativa from Thailand.

Panama Red – Sativa traced to a small panamanian island.

Hindu Kush – Indica growing in  the Kush Mountain range.

Afghani – Indica growing in the Afghan area.

Durban Poison – Sativa traced back to Durban area of South Africa.

Punto Rojo – Sativa that can be found growing in Columbia.

Acapulco Gold – Sativa coming from the Mexico region.

Lamb’s Bread – Sativa that originated in Jamaica.

Malawi – Sativa originating from Malawi, Africa.

Luang Prabang – Sativa originating in northern Laos.

Delta Zonker – Sativa originating in Vietnam.

Altai – Sativa originating in Southern Russia.



NOTE: Maury Island took place over 60 years ago, but it could have occurred yesterday, and may still be repeated at any time in the future. A report of something strange seen flying overhead on a warm summer night on the water. Dubious evidence on the ground and in poorly developed photos taken on the night in question. Conflicting reports of hoaxing dogging the tale almost from the start, giving way to no clear resolution to what took place. Though seemingly a mostly harmless UFO sighting tale, the slightest  curiosity on the part of would be investigators quickly uncovers a wealth of unusual information and a string of coincidences that truly leave one wondering what really did happen in late July 1947, in Puget Sound. Others have covered this story better and in more depth. We are just having fun with the highlights tonight, and I strongly encourage those of you whose curiosity is piqued to investigate further, starting with the links included in the show notes.


Bullet Points:

-MIB’s first possible sighting at Maury Island

-Radioactive Slag- reported, stolen, possibly sabotaged, may still be there today.

-Burned Kid- Later disappears and turns up out of state, waiting tables, with no memory of how he got there.

-Dead dog of injured boy was apparently pushed OVERBOARD….?

-Boat damage inconclusive at best.

-Gov’t investigators die in suspicious crash. Aircraft said to have been shot down.

-Journalists who report on it die in strange circumstances. Tacoma Times, Idaho Star.

-Reported as a hoax and yet denied as same by one of the central figures (AWM Pg 13).

-Crisman is  later named as a suspect in the JFK assassination.


Maury Island Incident Film:

Short Youtube Piece by Secureteam10:  Stranger than Roswell: The Incident at Maury Island

Agent Wilcox Memo PDF: Shareable link

Dismissive Wikipedia Entry:

Great Podcast Episode by UFO Buster Radio: Episode 88



Thanks once again to my Lovely Wife, Nicole, for all her support and listening patiently to me as I go through the preparation process each week. Thanks to friends who continue to watch and listen and reach out to me on personal channels to give props and feedback- it means a lot. Thanks also to my employers at Smooth Sailing Cannabis for their support and flexibility to be where I need to be to work on episodes as well. Finally, thanks to any of you who have discovered us and the show, and help spread the word by liking, sharing, and SUBSCRIBING to our content, which you can find on a number of platforms starting with Youtube and Soundcloud, but we’ll also post links to every episode at our website, You are all SO appreciated, and I look forward to our next visit.


Until next time- Smoke Indica, do shit anyway.