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Jan 12, 2018

Baked and Awake

Season 2, Episode 02 (#24)

January 12, 2018


Today on Baked and Awake:


  1. Opening remarks on: Cannabis Influencers NW Meetup, Thanks for the iTunes Reviews, Please visit the  Teepublic Store to support the show and help us grow.
  2. World Health Organization says CBD is safe, with no potential for abuse
  3. Google’s Alpha Zero AI Trounces reigning AI Champ in just hours
  4. Pandora CEO Wants to create the Podcast Genome Project
  5. Elite Globalists may engineer a financial collapse and blame Bitcoin

SOTW: Blackwater, Indica Hybrid Rosin from American Hash Makers, purchased at Uncle Ike’s Cannabis in White Center.

Royalty Free music provided by Antti Loude, of Soundcloud fame.