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Nov 3, 2017

Episode 15

November 2nd 2017

“Post Halloween Letdown”


A solo monologue by Steve, with a little help from Palu, who smoked some weed..


Greetings and salutations everyone! Steve here with you on November 2nd, 2017 and this is Episode 15, of Baked and Awake. I hope everyone had an extra spooky, extra lengthy Halloween this year, I know we certainly did what with the day itself falling on a Tuesday this year, it was basically Halloween from Friday onwards around here. Kenny was a Ninja this year, and Royce, at nearing 2 years old and a perfect semi long haired natural redhead- went as Chucky from Child’s Play. Yeah, you could say that it was pretty epic. Anyway- I’d like to open this mini sode by saying my most heartfelt thank-you to everyone who listened to the show in the past 30 days. As some of you who are paying closer attention might know, We broke all expected or hoped for downloads goals last month, and we couldn’t be happier about it.  Please help us continue to grow our audience by seeking us out on your favorite social media platforms, and tossing us that like, pressing share or reposting our posts, and of course by leaving your (hopefully 5 star!) review in the almighty marketplace that is the iTunes store.


Looking ahead to November, I’m excited to let you all know that I was recently interviewed as a guest for Sam Sedlack’s excellent podcast, Supernormal. The subject matter for that conversation was being raised adopted, and mixed race, and how that has been for me in my life. It’s part of a series of episodes Sam is putting out right now dealing with race, identity, and life in America today from different perspectives. If this wasn’t cool enough, we can also look forward to having Sam on herself as our very first guest of the Baked and Awake show. Sam and I will spend some time talking podcast creator challenges and the highs and lows that come along with making content of this kind, and we may also touch on some other subjects a little closer to our “Baked” wheelhouse as well. Finally, I am pleased to mention that I just recorded and shared my first ever Promo spot for our show, to be played during an upcoming episode of one of my new very favorite Podcasts, The Eastern Border, Hosted by Kristaps Andrejsons. The Eastern Border is a fantastically done show that covers the history of the USSR from the standpoint of a Latvian Professor of Russian history. Kristaps knows his topic, and tells stories in a relatable and entertaining way that will have you coming back for episode after episode. Please, everyone- go check out Supernormal and The Eastern Border, like them both on FB, and make sure you let them know that Baked and Awake sent you.  

And now, on to the show, with Palu up first with review of Solstice Farms Shurman #7.  Take it away, buddy!  


Palu: Solstice Farms Shurman #7


And we’re back, I hope everyone enjoyed Palu’s review of Solstice Farms’s Sherman #7. It sounds like an excellent and balanced concentrate with a high CBD percentage that still delivers the enjoyment of THC and the benefits of its interplay with the other cannabinoids and terpenes as well.


And now on to a short discussion of everyone’s favorite Netflix franchise, Stranger Things. Note: we won’t be giving out a bunch of spoilers here, even though most of America has already binged the eight hours of Season 2 in one sitting by now. Just in case you haven’t watched it yet, I certainly don’t want to be the one responsible for having ruined it for you. Instead of delving into plot points, details, or revealing omissions, we will be addressing themes, and some conspiratorial topics that seem to be commonly encountered in Science Fiction and Fantasy television and movie features. In the main, Im talking about a concept known to the Tinfoil Hat Society as “Predictive Programming”, where the powers that be encode hidden and sometimes not so hidden messages into popular entertainment (Movies, TV, radio and print media, and perhaps most importantly- video games) about some planned societal change in a bid to inoculate the public against their future shock or dismay in response to the actual event. Predictive programming, it is said-  lessens the public’s resistance to what are perceived to be largely negative compulsory social developments, and distort the understanding of the genesis of the change, placing it in the realm of “this is just how things work” or “We chose this”.  “Disclosure”, on the other hand, is understood again by critical thinkers, to be a tacit admission of some crime or sin already committed. This is the classic rubbing it in your face moment that the victim loathes and the bully live for.  Now, before you say to me “I’ve never heard of this madness before, Steve! You must be off your rocker, I say to you- when was the last time a major Celebrity passed away, or a terrible disaster occurred, when somebody didn’t produce, as if by magic, an episode of say, The Simpsons that appears to closely match the circumstances of the incident in question. All I do by bringing this example up is to remind us all that we regularly play around with and even make light of a phenomenon that at best can be described as eerily coincidental, and at worst may be characterized as utterly diabolical.   


On to the question of who is encoding these messages. Some say the Illuminati, others, the Freemasons. Still others will tell you the biggest player in this game is the USINT community, or the US Intelligence state for those of us less acronymically inclined. The United States Central Intelligence Agency, in particular, has been not only accused of, but outright caught red handed- manipulating journalists, actors, and news outlets in virtually every way you can imagine. Don’t believe me- look up Operation Mockingbird. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Now, in addition to the Usual Suspects, you can add groups like The UN, The Vatican, and Foreign Intelligence Organizations from around the world, any and all of whom have propagandistic messages that they continually seek to proliferate around the world. When we look next at the size of just Hollywood’s Entertainment industry, which by the way more or less includes the large part of the Gaming Industry- we are looking at close to One Hundred Billion with a B dollars per year. This takes no account of the money spent on production of foreign films or television shows- one can easily begin to understand that whatever message you wish to spread to the world, if you have access to the Hollywood film industry- you’re gonna get that message out there.


Alright, I’m starting to sound like I think I know something about what I’m talking about here, and that is a dangerous thing. While I do watch TV and movies these days with a highly critical eye, it takes a person with some serious background in Symbolism, Religious Themes, and America’s dark history to really hook in on the weirdest and scariest of this stuff. Believe me when I say that most of us are missing most of IT, whatever that is, that’s being communicated on our magic glowing rectangles, and that is BY DESIGN. The hidden messages are supposed to be just that- hidden. At least, to your conscious mind. At any rate, In support of my outlandish claims, I wish to bring in the assistance of a veritable heavyweight of movie and television analysis, Jay Dyer. Jay runs one of, if not the best websites and YouTube channels on the topic of encrypted messages in popular media that exists, in the world. Jay’s Channel on YouTube is called Esoteric Hollywood, and I warn you- if you get started over there, prepare to lose yourself down a rabbit hole from which there may well be no return. Jay has been breaking down the mysteries of the movies for years, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of both US history, and the history of the film. Here, I will read a few excerpts from his first rate piece on the Stranger Things franchise, published on in August of 2016.




Esoteric Hollywood’s Jay Dyer Breaks down Stranger Things 2:


Jsy’s Analysis Website


The New Rockstars- an excellent YouTube breakdown of Stranger Things Pop culture references- comprehensive and fast paced 30 min watch:


On the Conditioning of Humans:




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