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Aug 18, 2017

Show: Baked and Awake
Episode: 001
Date: 8.11.17
Go Live Time: 04:20PM PST
Platform: Youtube

Show Topics, Baked:

Host introduction; Steve Cominski

I-502 Cannabis 101 What is I-502? What kind of numbers are we talking about? Big ones, as you'll see.

Show Topics, Awake:
History of Cannabis use and prohibition, Part One- this will be one or two pages from the defunct website,, and a legacy PDF doc of the history of cannabis usage and prohibition found on the web. This PDF is long, and will be serialized and expanded upon by the host as it is explored. (Read through 100-00 BCE Will continue with 0-100CE in Episode 002) LINK to PDF from


(Favorite Podcasts and shows that continue to inspire Baked and Awake)
The Higherside Chats
The Modern Hermeticist
Those Conspiracy Guys
Bubbleman’s World


-Friend and podcasting mentor Norman Peterson from the MTB Jumper Podcast for all his help in sorting out my first action steps and studio setup.
-Neighbor and good friend Adrian Keupker for a likely home PC/Server for the show
-Beautiful Wife and Mother to our two boys Nicole Cominski- for being the one who supports us all, in every single way. I love you Honeypot.

An incomplete list of sources and resources:

Bhang Testing Podcast Episode (GROWCAST) :
Listen to Cannabis History- Ancient Marijuana in the Far East, with Pat Kohlhagen from GrowCast: The Official Cannabis Podcast in Podcasts.