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May 26, 2020

Source video for conversation here:


Andreas Xirtus is one of my favorite Youtube Researchers and Content Creators.  His areas of interest are far ranging and always very interesting to say the least. With a strong focus on the mysteries of The Old World and the purported to be “Lost” Civilization of Grand Tartaria, he spends a lot of time on questions I often grapple with in my research for the podcast. Andreas’ videos shine through his analysis of things like Popular Culture, particularly visual media like TV, Film, and animation in particular- through a lens of Tartarian Discernment, and frequently have me and many members of his audience scratching our heads and wondering where this affinity for finding and elucidating coded information comes from in a man so relatively young. Recently Andreas re-uploaded an older video of his to a backup youtube channel, and as the notification came through I decided it was a good time to go back and watch this material again, as a review.  The video was titled 001 History Revised Xirtus Tartaria Documentary, and I recalled it to have been a nice overview of most of the salient points that constitute the Tartarian Civilization Puzzle. As I sat there enjoying the material all over again, I quickly realized that I wanted to use this video and it’s story as the basis for a conversation with Andreas, where I could ask him to expand on a few of the things in the video itself.  What follows will be a recording of this conversation. Andreas and I have been connected online for about a year now, and chat frequently in his Brain Trust of sorts- the Xirtus Tartary Discord server- where much lively debate takes place among it’s hundreds of members daily, but I thought it was high time we had him on here on Baked and Awake for an expansive conversation about all things Tartarian.  Maybe I’ll even let Andreas tell us about some other things he finds fascinating- but NOT until we get to the bottom of this Tartary thing first! 


For those of you for whom this topic is completely new- fear not, because we are about to take you through enough of the high points in the story to either satisfy, or pique your interest to the point that you’ll want to investigate further.  If the latter is the case, I humbly suggest that you look into my back catalog for episodes about Grand Tartaria, The Mud Flood, and The General Crisis of the Seventeenth Century, for starters. 

  1. The Video opens by showing an association between North American Natives (American Indians) and the Southern Confederacy. 
  2. Next, as a dash of cold water in the face, you ask the viewer to suspend their own beliefs and biases for the duration of the presentation.  (I appreciate this)


  • Lies are Obscured truth: Symbols and words that appear to be pejorative or negative  but are in fact Positive- Primitive, Primal, Primordial, Prime Meridian, Prime Radical, Prime


  1. The Magna Carta  (What’s the Columbus Cylinder?)- Signed under duress, therefore an invalid contract.  Did History record this story incorrectly?  Perhaps even backwards?  


  • A nod to Gnostic Occult Practices in the form of a reference to Kaneh Bosom or the Holy Oil Christ would have been Anointed with. 


  1. The Viking - Scythian Connection- Who taught who what exactly?  Was this relationship equitable for both sides? 
  2. Scott Onstott: Secrets in Plain Sight?


  • Propellor symbol rehabilitation aside for just a moment- can you expand upon the relationship between Propellers and Star Fortifications aka Bastion Forts?  Are you indicating here that ancient civilizations had the power of flight? And if so, was this form of air transportation traditional in the sense that an ICE powered a propellor that pulled or pushed a vehicle through the atmosphere?  If so- how does that fit with your own separate musings on, as you referred to it- Solid State Flight tech?  For the sake of conversation I’ll note here that we could be referring to Balloons, Zeppelins, Blimps, and more unusual storybook vehicles such as flying broomsticks or magic carpets? Is the propeller symbol perhaps a Portal? 
  • Origins of Nations Model: The Trapezoid Scheme- What a great mental picture this draws!  Let’s talk about how this has played out in history a little. 
  • Conformational Bias aka “Trust Me I’m an Engineer” syndrome. 
  • Joseph Smith, The Latter Day Saints, and the American West.


  1. The Irish Potato Famine- Monocrop disaster or engineered extermination? 
  2. Who really won The American Civil War?  (History is written by the Victors) The 13th Amendment.


Coming Soon:  An update on the Homo Divinus theory originally discussed in episode (XX)

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