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Mar 26, 2019

Baked and Awake

Episode 71

March 25 2019


SMQAi YouTube Channel- All credit to SMQ for introducing this topic

Buster1978 YouTube Channel- (Researcher who brought the document to SMQAi)

The CIA Reading Room

Assessment and Analysis of The Gateway Process

The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot

The Tao of Physics, Fritjof Capra

Belonging to The Universe, Fritjof Capra

Tao Te Ching, Lao Tze


“Analysis of the Analysis and Assessment of The Gateway Process, a CIA Report”


Thoughts and takeaways from my reading of and subsequent reflections on the CIA report detailed in episode 70 of the Podcast.  Welcome. Disclaimer- we smoke that weed.


Before I jump into my bulleted list of the five top takeaways I got from this very interesting document, I asked myself, “Self, what were things like back in 1983?  What was going on in America, and the World at that time, that such a task should be set before the United States’ Premiere Intelligence Gathering Organization. The report is dated 9 June.  It was a Thursday. Ronald Reagan is POTUS, but we don’t use that acronym yet. Across the Atlantic, Margaret Thatcher’s famously Conservative Parliament is re-elected in a landslide to a second term. The song “Flashdance” better known by it’s chorus “..what a feeling” tops the US Pop music charts, while the still young, and rising star Michael Jackson occupied the #5 spot on the R&B charts with “Beat it”.  MJ is years and many more chart topping hits away from the scandals and accusations that would plague him in the era leading up to his death. Let’s paint this picture in just a little more. Also in 1983, at the same time that the CIA is paying people to deeply and seriously investigate and report upon things like the Astral Projection and Remote Viewing program we have come to know as The Monroe Institute’s Gateway Process, we have- the creation of Crack Cocaine in The Bahamas, where it almost immediately moves to the US. 267 Marines are killed in a terrorist attack in Beirut, an act that would lead directly to a US Invasion of Grenada two days later.  The Space Shuttle Challenger is still flying, with America’s first Female Astronaut, Sally Ride aboard. The US Government for some reason admits to shielding Klaus Barbie aka “The Butcher of Lyon” an infamous and murderous Nazi who was wanted in France for War Crimes. Compact Discs are also introduced in 1983, heralding the end of the Golden era of Vinyl records and foreshadowing our digital future. Some of you listening to this podcast now may have never played a CD in your lives. Ditto for Cassette tapes, as an aside. Motorola in 1983 had just received permission to test Cellular Telephone technology in the US for the first time, and the El Nino weather phenomenon became worldwide news for the first time, marking the moment when we became aware of concepts such as Global Warming, or as we tend to call it today by the neutered label of “Climate Change”.  


On the television in our house: Professional Tantrum Thrower John McEnroe was screaming at line judges in ways that today would get him banned for life, while Martina Navratilova was, more quietly- playing better tennis than everyone alive (put together) including the legendary Billie Jean King, and perhaps even that loud American Man. The Islanders, Our New York Islanders, under the capable leadership of  Brawler (and multiple record breaking leading scorer and future hall of famer) Mike Bossy, fellow prolific scorer Bryan Trottier (Also an NHL Hockey Hall of Famer), and anchored by the legendary goalie Billy Smith(yep, also a HHoF’er)- had the Stanley Cup. Still. They won four in a row between 79-80 and 1984. Between these victories and the soon to come Amazin’ Mets in 1986, these were without equivocation or room for interpretation- The Wonder Years for Long Islanders that they still reminisce about to this day. As for me, young Stephen- well I guess I was 9 years old and still almost two months away from my 10th Birthday, one slightly notable in that I received a couple of token, but seemingly very important, grown up gifts that year.  My first wallet, with a ten spot and a dime inside, and a shiny new Casio Digital watch with calendar and chronograph. (Boy, was I ever on my way!)


As I hope I have established with some degree of credibility, it was a different time. A time where we see however, the birth and beginnings of some things that will come to dominate our lives today.  We see in 1983 bright hope for the future in the form of space flights and technological wonders like Cell phones and though not detailed above, the game changer of Personal Computers. But there is as yet, no internet.  More ominously at this time we experience the United States invasion of Grenada in the first in a series of Central and South American conflicts (some would say US backed regime change campaigns) that won’t end until after the Iran Contra scandal in Reagan’s second term in 1986, for which only Oliver North, a Lowly Colonel and obvious scapegoat, and a few government contractors are found guilty or serve any significant time for having secretly laundered and delivered $18 Million dollars (and probably some weapons) to the Cocaine Trade Powered Contras, (Now you know where the Video Game got its name)  who were fighting to overthrow the Cuban backed, therefore evil Communist Scum- Sandinista regime in Nicaragua, in violation of the Boland Amendment that specifically banned the CIA and the DOD from funding groups with ties to the drug trade. This shameful meddling was made more humiliating by the fact that the $18 million that ended up in the Contras hands came from a larger sum of $30 million AND a pile of weapons traded to Iran for Seven American Hostages that had been kidnapped in 1985 in Lebanon. This deal was brokered in secret, while President Reagan loudly proclaimed that “We do not negotiate with terrorists” except when we do and then we won’t tell you about it.


We include the last example as a means of establishing the connection between the US Government and it’s foreign policy a the time, and that of today. In the 1980’s our Executive Branch of government would and did engage in acts of deception, violations of our own laws as well as international best practices for dealing with fractious Groups and Governments around the world. This has not changed, as we have frequently observed here on Baked and Awake when looking at more modern actions taken by our government in the present day.


List of Key Takeaways for me after reading the doc.  These are the threads we will pull on in our examination of the report.


  1. 36 years ago, in 1983, the CIA was seriously investigating programs like The Gateway Process and others in an attempt to confirm the existence of and quantify, even systematize utilization of such seemingly superhuman abilities including, but not limited to: Lucid Dreaming, Dream Recall, Astral Projection, or Out of Body Experiences- OBE’s. Remote Viewing, or the act of observing people, places, and events from afar while in a sleep or meditative state. Add to the above the express goal of Focus 21 and above (check this) in The Gateway Process, of stepping out of the bounds of temporal space completely, engaging in a form of Time Travel. (Section One)
  2. The top level description of the techniques employed by The Monroe Institute are a sort of Pop Psychological pastiche of Binaural beats, Isochronic Frequencies and other audio tones, employed on top of breathing exercises and as far as is noted in the report achieved without the use of drugs- seems harmless and mostly unsurprising to those of us thinking about it in 2019 with decades of exposure to Yoga, Mindfulness in the Workplace, and Self Care tips from Pinterest helping us achieve collective enlightenment between our trips to Target for all material goods not purchased on Amazon.  But this isn’t 2019. It’s 1983. Neighborhood Butcher Shops with sawdust on the wrinkled hardwood floor with their smell and texture so magical that it defies explanation- are still a thing. Travel Agents were still as successful as Attorneys, and worked twice as hard- and The CIA is investigating High New Agey seeming weirdness with a dead serious approach that recognizes everything it’s looking into as being part of understood Science, not the Paranormal. Not witchcraft. They invoke labels like Quantum, Holograms, Dimensions, etc. and look to Physicists to provide the framework for understanding the systems, tools and processes at work. All this, with the objective of learning from The Gateway Process the secrets of consciousness itself, access to the great unwritten but nevertheless perfectly preserved whole of universal knowledge in the form of something that we only have terms like “The Akashic Records” for,  AND how to participate in events at any point in time or space, everywhere in the past, present, or future. The key concepts here are enumerated under Section Five of the Document.
  3. (Section 12) “Energy creates, stores, and retrieves meaning in the universe by projecting or expanding at certain frequencies in a three dimensional mode that creates a living pattern called a Hologram”.  See also: Michale Talbot’s Visionary book from the late 1980’s, The Holographic Universe. In short- the CIA says (paraphrasing) that “The Absolute”, as they refer to it, is an infinite self aware energetic field that pervades and suffuses everything in the universe. This field expresses itself and experiences itself through movement in a three dimensional realm wherein every iota of matter is just one of countless resonating fields of energy, experiencing reality from it’s own perspective, with perfect capture of the information being created into the universal hologram. This information can be retrieved during certain exercises in methods such as The Gateway Process.  The CIA also admits to and notes the similarities between things like Trances, Meditation, and “Kundalini Psychosis” as they label it, to The Gateway Process.
  4. Section 19- The report painstakingly describes how human consciousness establishes and maintains a nearly continuous, but ephemeral level of contact with the infinite through completely natural oscillations in brain wave frequencies, focusing in on the moment of rest in between swings of a given wavelengths vibration. At the tiny, completely imperceptible moment when our brainwaves stop, for just a nanosecond, before swinging the other way- consciousness “clicks out” of this dimension and joins the Absolute, the infinite. To explain it, they invoke “Planck’s Distance” to explain the moment this occurs.  Planck’s Length, as we often refer to it today, is explained in part, as follows: The Planck length is the scale at which quantum gravitational effects are believed to begin to be apparent, where interactions require a working theory of quantum gravity to be analyzed. The Planck area is the area by which the surface of a spherical black hole increases when the black hole swallows one bit of information. To measure anything the size of Planck length, the photon momentum needs to be very large due to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and so much energy in such a small space would create a tiny Black hole with the diameter of its event horizon equal to a Planck length.
  5. The report appears to describe a model of understanding of The Universe that characterizes the shape of the Universe as a torus, or a self enclosed spiral (Think those spinning apple core analogies you’ve seen or one of those infinity bracelets made out of slinky like metal and woven in a cross pattern that you can endlessly rotate or spin along your arm and it doesn’t twist up or tie itself into knots. This gestalt then goes on to explain that the parts of Universe we observe now from our vantage point tend to support the understanding that we are existing near the top of the moving spiral pattern, and are about to move into the part of the patterns where our locality begins to fall back toward the Universal center, to be reabsorbed and then, eventually, re born out the other side of the pattern. Refer to Section 25 for a more complete understanding of this notion.


Other Themes touched upon in the report, just listed without deep explanations.  Read the Doc to see for yourself if you also pickup on these vibes:


  • Subliminal and Sub Audible tones and Auto Hypnotic suggestion can be used to facilitate the focus process.
  • Deja Vu could be explained by observations described in the report
  • Patterning, described in Section 30-B sounds a lot like “The Law of Attraction” or “The Secret” to me.  
  • Section 29-Describes an “Energy Bar Tool” that is directly likened to a psychic Magic Wand.
  • Focus 15- “Travel into the past” (Section 29-G)
  • Focus 21 “The Future” (Section 29-H)


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