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Jul 27, 2018

Baked and Awake Podcast

Episode 48

Wed July 25th 2018


DISCLAIMER:  This podcast is NSFW.  Content includes adult themes and language, as well as use of cannabis and discussion of same. If you somehow find yourself listening to this and it doesn’t sound like exactly what you were looking for- I suggest you listen anyway, you might learn something..  

This episode of the Baked and Awake Podcast is brought to you by Billy’s Gone Bananas Natural Soft Serve and Smoothies, of Traverse City, Michigan. The nest time you find yourself in Beautiful Traverse City, County seat of Grand Traverse County- make sure to stop by the Billy’s Gone Bananas Truck and try one or more of their all natural, delicious looking chocolate or caramel covered bananas, fresh fruit smoothies, and soft serve ice cream treats that will put a smile on your face that will last all day. Located just across the street from the probably award winning The Workshop Brewing Company, Billy’s Gone Bananas is also available to be booked to show up and serve at your next private event! Billy’s Gone Bananas- where we’ve already gone crazy over Soft Serve, so you can just enjoy it casually now and then like a normal person..   Follow and tweet directly to the team at @BananasBillys.


Last Episode on Baked and Awake:

-Got a new Dab rig and tested the heck out of it

-Talked about taking care of your quartz bangers (Update- I’m not super successful at this!)

-Chinese Smartphone “App Traps” and the data siphoning they allow

-The Thunderbolts Project where we learned more about the basics of the Electric Universe

Special notes for today:

-Special appearance on On the Edge w Mike Peacock’s One Year Podcastaversary Episode- thanks Mike for including me in your celebrations.

-Guest Appearance on the most recent episode of Daddy Issuez with Shade and Lily Bongwater. I had fun, brought a SOTW to try, and got a little personal about my ways of going about things with my Love, Nicole!

-Baked and Awake Promo Featured on The Manhouse Chatter Podcast, The #NoOffense Podcast, and the Off Colored Discussions Podcast(!!)

-Those of you who are fans of the garden updates should really be following @bluebirdfarms on instagram, where my lovely wife Nicole shares tons of fun and informative photos and videos of all the animals and plants we grow year round here in the Pacific Northwest.

-Soft announce upcoming partnership with Top Tree  


Today on Baked and Awake:



Coming Up Soon:


  • Nate Lopez, Jamal Harrington, and Kate Carlson Carlsen- a round table conversation on Cannabis and Comedy that they don’t exactly know I’m planning for them yet! (Surprise!)
  • New collaboration project coming soon with Top Tree STAY TUNED!
  • Hempfest 2018 with GLDLX of Sesh Cast
  • To have your Hometown, Business, Podcast, Book, or Special Event plugged on Baked and Awake like I did above for Billy’s Gone Bananas- email me at or DM me on Instagram at @bakedandawake, and for the low low price of no charge at all, I will do a semi serious plug for you on an upcoming episode!


Shoutouts with one or two words about why you should find and follow them:  @LegionofBud- ART, @Future4200- PERMACULTURE, @BBHWithMS- Multiple Sclerosis, @Honorcofounder- Grow Bags, @OlyDemon- Folk Art @stayfluid- Food Trucks, @bonesandtubs- The Occult, @legion_of_the_goat- Goats, Vapes, @ninjaturtle610- Budtender, @stonedredowl- Budtender, @beginscarseth- Concert Violin, @dat1koolkat- Scoot Culture, @tommyboy240- Groms and Drifting, @theycallmethechadillac- Honda Groms- and a Special Shoutout to my cousin Drew, who is in town visiting from Florida and who I’m hanging out with tonight! Looking forward to seeing you cous!  


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