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Dec 12, 2018


Episode 64

December 11th 2018

The Mud Flood Event and Grand Tartaria / Great Tartary

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The Mud Flood Event- What was it, and why are we talking about it? Well, believe it or not- so many reasons!  The story we are going to begin to embark upon today is one that ties in to, indeed deeply connects with so many other interesting, seemingly outlandish conspiracies that it beggars the imagination.  Stories we have discussed at some length in the past, including such gems as Mel’s Hole, with its Hollow Earth and D.U.M.B.S. connotations, The Maury Island Incident and indeed the entire UFO/Aliens mystery. Beyond topics of our own, we have enduring myths of an ancient, lost, global civilization that may have built many of the megalithic structures we credit today to the Egyptians, The Romans, the ancient Greeks, and more.. We are going to be willingly exposing ourselves to concepts that verge on the heretical here.  Speaking of heretical, our recent episodes on the Nag Hammadi Library, is another possible thread in this same Mud Flood Event / Global Reset Deception- with my reflections on Hidden Histories that challenge the mainstream narrative of the mental picture we are programmed with by modern society and our Public Educations- one of a largely Benevolent, Enlightened, West that, though imperfect in its implementation, nevertheless embodies all the good attributes required to cement it’s hegemony in the near and distant future, because Democracy! In the case of the Nag Hammadi Codices we found in those pages, a much different Jesus than he who is depicted in our King James Bibles- one who had to be hidden away deep in some caves, for thousands of years- if they were ever intended to be found, and shared again..  History, as they say- is written by the victors. Today in 2018, young Schoolchildren are being taught that we fought a just war against Iraq in righteous retaliation for their support of “Radical Islamic Terrorists with WMD’s, or Weapons of Mass Destruction being manufactured in the offending Dictator Saddam Hussein’s Country. 9/11 with its sobering to consider 2975 or so victims, is- to beat that particular Dead Horse a little more- is also widely repeated and reported to be “The worst act of terrorism in history”, in no way acknowledging that the US Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th, 1945 were devastation the likes of which truly had never been seen before, and were responsible for a Death Toll of up to 240,000 people, many of whom died after the explosions from the effects of acute radiation poisoning. These numbers in no way account for the health impacts on survivors, and additional exposure to toxic radioactive fallout. Debate this bombing as an “Act of War” all you want- we will have to agree to disagree on that. What’s the point of this little rant?  Just illustrating the fact that, really, outside of weirdos like yours truly and your respective “Conspiracy Theorist Uncles”, God Bless em’- nobody in our polite society is questioning that inaccurate, disingenuous, and downright reductionist version of events, or really anything else. This lack of criticism, this complete unwillingness to examine or to question a pre packaged, shiny, hollywood enshrined fabrication (How many movies glorifying American actions in the Middle East have come out just since 9/11? Black Hawk Down, Seal Team 6, The Hurt Locker, American Sniper, Babel, etc, etc, etc - is in my opinion a major problem for people today. Those movied I just rattled off by the way, were just a few that flew into my head as I sit here typing. I don’t even watch those kind of movies for the most part- though I can’t claim to be innocent of having seen any of them, because it would be almost impossible not to have. What I just described there, is a type of Societal Programming that just seeps into the consumer without them ever realizing how deeply it’s taken hold.  You don’t even have to worry about educating your kids on who the “Enemy” is, because they already know. From a very young age our children today are being taught that terrorists come from the Middle East, they wear a certain style of clothing, they are dark skinned and they are to be feared, for their religion is one of Blood and Holy Wars against all that “The Free World” stands for. Okay, enough ranting, Steve! Tell us about this Mud Flood and what it has to do with Jihadis and the Middle East! FINE, I WILL! Please note that we are just starting to look into this fascinating topic. One place where a lot of the better done research and dot connecting is happening is on the New Earth Youtube Channel, and that Channel and its primary host, Sylvie Ivanova are to be given real credit and recognition for her work and extensive curation of illustrations, documents, maps, and theories concerning this topic and many others related to Megalithic sites around the world, but with a particular focus on Europe and Russia. I can’t recommend checking out the New Earth Channel on Youtube enough.  


  1. Evidence of a mud flood event can be found all over the world.  This is most apparent when one begins to look at architecture, and buildings in virtually any larger populated city, where one begins to find building after building of a certain age, that appears to have part or all of its original ground floor story embedded below ground.  Telltale signs of a “Mud Flood Affected” building is windows and partial windows visible at ground level. Sometimes these are bricked over. Other times the windows remain, and are casually described as “Daylight windows” for bringing light into a basement (that itself is only half buried below ground, often on two adjoining sides of the building but not the other two, somewhat reinforcing an impression of a flow of material past a building or area.
  2. When excavated at all during renovations, or in preparation for demolition, Mud Flood buildings reveal entire hidden entrances, many of them grander in design, than that seen above for decades.  These are the original street level doors and windows of the buildings. The deposits of material said to have been deposited in many areas exceed three meters or more. That’s 12 or more feet of mud, soil, sand, what have you.
  3. Many cities around the world with notable numbers of apparently mud flood affected buildings and towns also have giant historic fires or other natural disasters in their history, with attendant stories about entire swathes of populated areas being wiped out, utterly destroyed, or buried as a result, with the modern city being constructed literally upon the previous city’s ruins. These cities- Seattle, Boston, Oklahoma City, Syracuse, Washington DC, Moscow, Paris, Cairo, and many more- all have well known catacombs, abandoned subways, tunnels, underground cities- indeed whole lost worlds beneath our feet that we know about.  Some small remnants of them can even be toured, under close supervision and on an extremely restricted basis.
  4. Proponents of the Mud Flood Event and a deception surrounding the event place it around 150-200 years ago. It is not ruled out, I think that there have been a series of such events throughout history.
  5. Historical occurrences that have been linked to a possible Mud Flood include the Tunguska Airburst Meteor Event, and the Volcanic Eruptions at Santorini and Pompeii. I’m not sure if Krakatoa got mixed up in this or not, but it’s possible. It is not clear to me, or as far as I can tell so far, to anyone whether these events are, if real- natural disasters of a random but cataclysmic scale, something nearly as apocalyptic, but cyclical in nature (maybe such events as the reversal of the magnetic poles, solar storms? Total Steve speculation here)
  6. St Petersburg Russia (Modern day Moscow), Ancient Greece, Rome, and Italy, The Great Pyramids of Egypt, and more- are all said to have been re-discovered, and physically unearthed- by the people of the times immediately after the posited Mud flood event.  These survivors, it is theorized, determined to take advantage of and indeed credit for- the remaining structures, infrastructure, and riches left behind by what is presumed to have been this Global (Tartar?) Civilization, wiped out either BY the Mud Flood, or events that preceded or followed it, still unknown to us. Were they extincted? Did they leave Earth, or perhaps only the surface of the earth?  
  7. The Mud Flood Deception Theory also posits that the former civilization enjoyed a very modern lifestyle, with electricity (of the free Tesla Tower kind), flying machines, and other seemingly high tech conveniences in their lives. These are hinted at in the art and literature of the period.  Much of what is attributed to fancy and fantasy, or early attempts at Science Fiction, may in fact hint at the lost greatness of our former selves, those that lived before the Mud Flood
  8. Is the Mud Flood the Biblical Flood that cleansed the earth of all of wicked humanity excpet for God’s chosen family, Noah and Co? ….maaaaaybe (But you have to believe in a young earth for that, which interestingly is a BIG PART of what the supposed deception is about!
  9. Calendars are involved. This is “The Missing 1000 Years Myth”, perhaps better known as the Phantom Time Hypothesis, all dressed up by another name here in its Mud Flood Finery- and I love it. From that wiki article, just for fun: “The phantom time hypothesis is a historical conspiracy theory asserted by Heribert Illig. First published in 1991, it hypothesizes a conspiracy by the Holy Roman Emperor Otto III, Pope Sylvester II, and possibly the Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII, to fabricate the Anno Domini dating system retrospectively, in order to place them at the special year of AD 1000, and to rewrite history[1] to legitimize Otto's claim to the Holy Roman Empire. Illig believed that this was achieved through the alteration, misrepresentation and forgery of documentary and physical evidence.[2] According to this scenario, the entire Carolingian period, including the figure of Charlemagne, is a fabrication, with a "phantom time" of 297 years (AD 614–911) added to the Early Middle Ages. The proposal has been universally rejected by mainstream historians.”
  10. When researching topics like the Mud Flood, one begins to come across a number of other, equally fascinating side topics, again and again.  These include such episode length introduction worthy things as “Star Forts”, “The Cultural Layer” “Ancient Mound Building Cultures”, Giants, “Great Tartaria”, “Atlantis”, “Hyperborea”, and more.   
  11. This theory has entire epochs of civilizations shuffled in time, with the Egyptian Pharoahs living almost contemporary with medieval times, placing them as really ruling as recently as the 1500’s. The Dark Ages?  More or less claptrap, according to the Mud Flooders- a cover story, inaccurately describing hundreds if not thousands of years of miserable mere existence of a human race that had barely crawled out of the caves they had been cowering in during the paleolithic.  These brutes would not create worthwhile art, literature, or life improving advances in technology (we are talking Bronze Age and earlier here) for literal eons. Only in the past two thousand years or so, give or take an anno domini- have all the greatest civilizations of all time been born, risen to power, empire, and one after another, in a stately procession, have in their time declined, been defeated, or otherwise wiped from the planet, only to be seen as ghosts in their far removed modern descendants today. To name some of the most well known, but by no means all, and painting with a very broad brush- The Sumerians, The Macedonians, The Egyptians. The Turks, The Ottomans, The Chinese Emperors, The Ancient Greeks and The Holy Roman Empire, that last of which which some think today lives on in the form of United Nations itself(Tangent to Crazytown, shut up Steve). ALL of these civilizations are thought by the Mud Flood theorists to be built upon the bones of a great, lost, globe (or flat motionless earth- I know, chill, you’re gonna run into some flat earthers here for sure) spanning civilization.
  12. The Lost civilization, that some believe to be Great Tartary or Grand Tartaria, long described as a large but sparsely inhabited region that never truly laid claim to nationhood let alone aspirations of “Empire”- that Tartaria and evidence of its incredible, massive importance can be seen everywhere in archaeology and history in the forms of, to name a few that I’ve seen repeated again and again.  There’s more though- like I said I’m still learning about all this: The swastika symbol, The two headed eagle symbol and variations of it, Megalithic Buildings in general, Government buildings, on every continent, that share what we would call Classic Roman Architecture- that of the Megalithic Sized Pillars, Arches, and Domed Rooftops style. Pyramids and Obelisks sometimes make this list.
  13. One of the biggest researchers into this that I’ve ran across- I don’t know if Big is the right word but this dude has been doing some clicking and some typing for sure- is a person named Korben Dallas, who is, remarkably- from Seattle (I’m in Seattle if you are new here- so yeah that makes this interesting in that who knows maybe we could even talk to this person sometime) The post that I found of his that seems to launch his whole investigation publicly is this: “Mud flood, dirt rain, and the story of the buried buildings” Let’s have a peek at the post and you can view the whole thing by checking out the link in the show notes above. (Side note: the title of this thread reminded me that this whole thing seemed to me to be potentially, just maybe related in an obscure way to the North American drought/disaster that was the Dust Bowl years in the Great Plains in the 1800’s, brought on by poor crop and field rotation practices, wasn’t it said to have been?)
  14. There are, to give you an idea of the number of people interested in this- entire subreddits populated by tens of thousands of members dedicated to this topic. R/Cultural Layer (6.2k Subs) has an absolutely epic resource thread that in itself will take me the next month or more of continuous looking into to begin to plumb the depths of.  Here’s that link as well, and we’ll als have a peek together at the list of articles etc that the OP shares in that Subreddit.
  15. Again, today, we are just scratching the surface of things.  I’ve got, among other things, the 171 page The Chronology of the Ancient Kingdoms, Amended by Sir Isaac Newton. Spoiler Alert- Old Sir Isaac didn’t agree at all with the dates for history that he was living with, and he went in on it in some detail in that work. There is also an absolutely fascinating, and I’m not being facetious here- report from 1903, 35 pages long, entitled “The great dust-fall of february 1903, and its origin” that actually describes a three year pattern of recurring dust falls culminating in the 1903 event that by that time garnered more attention to itself for having occurred twice before, although the latter event was said to have been the smallest, though still clearly noteworthy and non trivial in its impact on the affected region in Europe.  Estimates reported in the story are that not less than 10 million tons of dust or silt fell across several countries in western Europe. (You ask me that sounds like it might have seemed like a mini dark age itself). These documents and others, along with maps by the hundreds and older images of cities by the thousands, will have me clicking away web and youtube searching for this entire area of Alternative History for months, indeed years to come. I hope you’ll decide to join me as we do.  


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