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Dec 31, 2019

December 31 2019

Originally uploaded to Youtube on December 28th 2019

Video here:

Today, noted Mud Flood and Tartaria Researcher Philipp Druzhinin returns to the podcast for his second remote visit. Philipp joins us once more today by teleconference from his home in Moscow, Russia. Many of you already know Philipp, but for those who don’t, he has been a Youtube Creator for almost ten years already, is one of the first people I discovered creating content around the Grand Tartaria Civilization, and has probably introduced the Mud Flood mystery to more people online than almost anyone out there. Back on November 17th of this year, Philipp and I recorded our first chat together, an event that I was visibly excited for if you happen to watch the recording over on my channel or Philipp’s, and he was kind enough not only to redundantly capture and record the meeting, but to share his copy of it with me when my own solutions and implementation failed me- and uploaded it to Youtube for his own audience as well.  Speaking of Philipp’s audience, thank you to all of those wonderful folks who have also subscribed to my channel in the days following the upload of that chat. Now, when you make your way over to Phil’s channel you will discover over 400 uploads, many of them from the past two years or more are focused on exploring, documenting, and explaining unusual architectural features in his local area of Moscow Russia, one of the most important and well known Cities in the former Soviet Union. Philipp has also traveled abroad in search of signs of Grand Tartaria, and even to challenge his own concepts of the Mud Flood and its plausibility as a phenomenon- and came away with some startling insights and compelling video evidence all along the way. So, if you’re watching this live with us, you’re not going to be able to pause me right now so go ahead and open another browser tab or open up your YT mobile app, go SUBSCRIBE to Philipp’s Channel under his own name (Spell Phil’s name) as well as his second, equally awesome channel, Mud Flood Advanced Research.  Hit that notification bell on both pages so Youtube can’t do their usual and find some way to avoid notifying you of new content from your own favorite channels, as they are wont to do! 


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