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Nov 28, 2017

Baked and Awake Episode 18

Sunday November 26th 2017



ALSO: Boston Dynamics robots 2017, Artificial Intelligence Warnings, and did Cannabis come from space?



Old Biz:

Did Elon Musk create Bitcoin?


Did Elon Musk Create Bitcoin to Be Used on Mars?


Baked News:

Will Sessions try yet again to kill Medical MJ before the year's end?


Upcoming Events:  

Podcon Seattle, December 9th and 10th


Baked Feature Topic

Did Cannabis Come from Space?

  • Possibly Named by the Dogon Tribe in Africa, who have perhaps the longest history w the plant on Earth.
  • Canna = Dog and Bis = Twin, or “Bi” - this can easily be debated/debunked but the word is used.
  • The Dogon have an elaborate origin story for both Humanity, and the Cannabis plant, and claim both hail from Sirius B.


Net Neutrality

What fuckery is this, FCC? :

What is Net Neutrality, or an essay in support of Keeping current Rohrbacher-Blumenauer and Title II provisions in place.

Counterpoint by Jeffrey Tucker, of

Thanks to John Oliver, weighing in on this issue is made vastly less inconvenient by visiting the url GO FCC Yourself- this worked, I was able to submit an express comment on this issue



Season One will conclude with Episode 20, coming out mid December. It’s going to be a special episode and one I hope everyone will find as fascinating as I do. I’m so excited about it that I have to tease you all mercilessly while giving away nothing about the actual topic! Trust me though, it’s going to be worthy of a season finale. Also, Season Two of our independent and commercial free Podcast will begin in mid January.

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Factions of Freedom Podcast- In Depth analysis of some of the more out there news and indeed, conspiracies. Really good content and lots of it. 


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DJ Quod @thefamilyquod- Artist and Musician


Episode Music

Antti Luode, music Thanks Antti!! 




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